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Skilled Professionals for Restoring Raleigh Fire Damage

4/5/2023 (Permalink)

Fire damage can leave many lasting effects on your home. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 - 365 days a year for soot and fire cleanup services.

SERVPRO Overcomes Smoke and Fire Damage

Every structure fire and loss event features multiple layers of damage that must be overcome and restored. Because these conditions compound and spread rapidly, trained technicians can be valuable in returning a property to a preloss state.

Experience is paramount with Raleigh fire damage events. Understanding the necessary steps to make a damaged home safer after extinguishment and beginning required restoration actions is where SERVPRO can help. We have a growing roster of technicians providing expertise in several restoration niches to overcome the full spectrum of threats after fires. Our team includes:

  • FSRT – Fire Restoration
  • CCT – Carpet Cleaning
  • UFT – Upholstery Cleaning
  • OCT – Odor Control
  • ASD – Applied Structural Drying
  • CDS – Commercial Drying

A Safer Work Area

Before much of the restoration and cleanup can get underway in a damaged residence, the property must be made safe enough for this work to occur. There are pressing concerns and hurdles to the recovery process beginning as soon as our IICRC-certified technicians arrive. Our primary objective from our first response to the incident is to make the work area safer for technicians and occupants. Focuses include:

  • Air Quality - Trapping circulating soot and smoke particles can make the air inside a fire-damaged home more favorable while potentially reducing the concentrations of soot deposits on surfaces.
  • Structural Integrity - Restoration professionals of our team must assess where significant structural fire damage has occurred, which could lead to a need for demolition and replacement. Temporary construction solutions are also needed to cover openings and vulnerabilities.
  • Water Damage - Extinguishment typically requires high volumes of water, which can cause concerns for the household. Our professionals provide focused extraction and drying solutions to help in this need.

Handling the Insurance Work

Whether you rent or own your residence, a fire incident likely involves working with an insurance provider to secure the funding and claim approval for the needed restoration. We are a preferred vendor for insurance build-back and recovery services, whether the hundreds of thousands of homes in the region or iconic structures like the North Carolina State Capitol Building. We can help you streamline claim approval and get work started fast.

Protecting What Matters Most

Another objective of the restoration professionals addressing fire damage in your home is to manage and handle compromised contents. With how quickly fire and smoke damage moves through a structure, many of your personal belongings can be in harm’s way. Relocation solutions are the fastest option to prevent damage, but off-site cleaning at our SERVPRO warehouse might be necessary when exposure has already occurred.

How Destructive is Soot? 

Soot is corrosive and destructive to the surfaces and materials impacted by fire damage. Cleaning up these residues and soil deposits often requires a combination of approaches. While surface cleaning is the least invasive and aggressive of the restoration strategies, more abrasive and direct measures are often needed. These solutions can include media blasting and controlled demolition if the conditions are damaging enough. The choice of the preferred cleaning method depends on multiple factors:

  • Type of smoke damage
  • Location of buildup
  • Hosting material
  • Environmental conditions

Eliminating Lingering Malodors 

The lingering harsh odors are among the more challenging obstacles when much of the cleanup has been completed. Burning materials, especially chemicals, accelerants, and plastics, can overwhelm enclosed spaces with powerful malodors. While surface cleaning can counteract these intense scents, a combination of deodorants and neutralizing equipment completes this process.

With Raleigh fire damage events, it is vital to work fast to mitigate loss and prevent greater harm to the structure. Our professionals are ready to help 24/7 with stocked trailers and production vehicles ready to mobilize for all of Wake County. Call our SERVPRO of Cary / Morrisville / Apex team today at (919) 615-1160.

Trust SERVPRO for Fire Restoration in Your Raleigh Home

3/2/2023 (Permalink)

Even a small kitchen fire in Raleigh gains the attention of multiple SERVPRO experts.

Fire Restoration in Raleigh Demands Professionalism

A fire has ruined several building materials and items in my home. Who can help me bring things back to normal? You can trust professional restorers to repair your residence.

SERVPRO is available 24/7 to perform fire restoration in Raleigh homes. Working with specialists is vital because a fire can ruin your home’s structural integrity in ways that are not visible immediately. Some signs that your home might have structural problems after a fire include the following:

  • Cracks in concrete, masonry, or bricks,
  • Cracking or warping steel 
  • Visible charring in wood
  • Warped drywall

Apart from the apparent issues a home fire causes, like blackened walls and melted plastic or glass, smoke and soot can keep causing damage. Soot has acidic properties that can ruin your home’s structure. The acids in sulfur and carbon corrode items like locks, cabinet pulls, and door knobs. This damage can make your home unsafe or difficult to sell.

Smoke also discolors porous materials in a home. Plastic and some types of stone, like marble, can become permanently discolored after exposure to smoke. Smoke may also discolor carpets, walls, clothes, curtains, and upholstery.

The water from firefighting efforts can create ideal conditions for mold infestation. Mold can be difficult to manage and requires expert remediation. Our SERVPRO technicians can remove the standing water in your home using equipment like electric submersible pumps or wet/dry vacuums. We can use air movers to sweep saturated air away from surfaces and replace it with dryer air. Once the moisture is in the air, our SERVPRO team can use dehumidifiers to remove it.

Another concern after a fire is air quality. Removing all hazardous chemicals and toxins from small enclosed spaces like closets and cupboards is essential to ensure safety. Our SERVPRO technicians can use air scrubbers to remove airborne particles, gases, and odors from the air. We capture these particles and introduce clean air back into the environment.

SERVPRO of Cary / Morrisville / Apex has expertise in fire damage repair. Call us at any time for help at (919) 615 1160. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

SERVPRO Manages Electrical Hazards During Fire Restoration in Raleigh

9/4/2022 (Permalink)

If fire damage affects your home, contact SERVPRO immediately. Our certified technicians are here to help form a remediation and mitigation plan.

SERVPRO Provides Emergency Power for Fire Damage Restoration Activities in Raleigh

In addition to structural, slip, and fall hazards, electrical hazards represent a real danger to homeowners in Raleigh after a fire. The fuse or circuit breaker panel may have been turned off or even disconnected after a fire to protect the work site from dangerous electrical currents in damaged wiring. Once the fuse panel is reconnected, electrical wires damaged during the fire are again live and pose a significant danger to anyone entering the home or the work site. The water inside electrical outlets and switches poses a hidden risk.

SERVPRO provides fire damage restoration of homes in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. We are very cautious around electrical wiring that could carry electricity in wet conditions. We turn off all circuit breakers in damaged areas. Power can be drawn from undamaged rooms in your home to operate water pumps, high-capacity fans, and dehumidifiers to dry and clean your house. We also provide temporary power solutions until the damaged wiring and fuse panel or circuit breaker systems are repaired by licensed electricians.

We remove all the fire-damaged material, including personal items and structures that cannot be recovered or restored. We clean all surfaces, removing smoke residues and odors from the fire. Our building services team can arrange repair and reconstruction of damaged structures, including electrical, plumbing, ceilings, flooring, and walls. SERVPRO coordinates all these activities to keep costs low and facilitate a rapid return to your home.

Our fire restoration services cover a broad spectrum of services, including:

  • Fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup
  • House fire clean up
  • Controlled demolition, repair, and restoration of structural components in your home

Call SERVPRO of Cary / Morrisville / Apex for fire damage restoration services. We provide service to Raleigh and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (919) 615-1160.

Let Pros Handle Your Fire Damage and Restoration Needs in Raleigh

6/5/2022 (Permalink)

Dealing with fire damage is certainly stressful when you want it done right. Contact SERVPRO to assess and start the fire damage restoration process.

Raleigh Property Owners Trust SERVPRO for Reliable Fire Damage Restoration

Fire-damaged homes and commercial properties could have a great deal of charred debris and varying levels of smoke damage, even with a smaller blaze. To address the powerful odors that soot residues bring, you need skilled fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) to get the job done right. Failing to handle corrosive soot could mean costly secondary damage and pungent odors that remain as a reminder of the fire. SERVPRO is locally owned and operated. They are here to help all Raleigh residents get the results they need. Once we get done, your interior will be “Like it never even happened."

Once you contact us for house fire cleanup, we are there within hours to begin fire damage restoration in Raleigh. SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians have access to all of the best equipment for smoke remediation and odor control, including:

  • Venting box fans that use high-velocity circulation to ventilate your home or business. We often use these fans before and after deodorization takes place.
  • Thermal fogging technology uses a fine mist of deodorizing solution to penetrate surfaces and pull out odorous particulates.
  • Air scrubbers with onboard HEPA filtration, perfect for pulling airborne particles from the fire zone to remove odors.
  • Ozone generators are great for particular circumstances. These units create ozone, made from unstable oxygen molecules, which chemically react with odor molecules, oxidize residues, and help remove odors. Important: While the ozone process occurs, all occupants and pets must be out of the property for safety purposes.

Let us be your trusted insurance liaison!

When you are going through all the motions of dealing with a fire, having someone to work with your home insurance provider can be a tremendous relief. SERVPRO ensures all documentation is filled out correctly and ready for your insurance claim to go as smoothly as possible. 

Request help online or call (919) 615-1160 when you need fire damage restoration services. You can count on SERVPRO of Cary/Morrisville/Apex to be available 24/7.

Heavy-Duty SERVPRO Fire Restoration for Cary Kitchens

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO uses dry ice blasting and ultrasonic tank submersions to remove soot from fire damaged belongings in Cary, "Like it never even happened."

Char and Soot Removal for Fire-Damaged Cary Properties

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) data indicates that 26 percent of reported fires across the United States were home structure fires between 2015 and 2019. Fire departments around the country responded to an average of 346,800 of these residential fires each year. Even small-scale fires, like kitchen flare-ups, can impart hard-to-clean odors and residues in Cary homes.

SERVPRO fire restoration services in Cary respond to small and large-scale disasters alike. Technicians focus on remediating stains and odors and returning property to a clean, pre-damage state. This firm also performs rebuilding services for structures heavily impacted by fire damage.

Addressing heavy damages after a kitchen fire

Even small fires can leave heavy char and debris that require more extensive cleanup. Fortunately, SERVPRO has cleanup strategies that cover more in-depth cleaning needs for various soot-affected surfaces. In a kitchen fire, for example, technicians may:

  • Use abrasion blasting to provide effective char removal with minimal effect on the material. Some blast media, like soda ash and dry ice, can also mitigate odors to a degree
  • Perform manual cleanup of unfinished wall framing with scrapers and wire brushes to remove char
  • Deploy immersion cleaning solutions, like alkaline cleaners or ultrasonic cleaning to remove soot particles from heavily soiled items. Ultrasonic cleaning is especially effective for more delicate items like dishware, glassware, and chandeliers
  • Use dry cleaning sponges and gentle manual agitation to dislodge loose, dry soot soils before remediating more challenging stains. Technicians use HEPA-filter vacuums to collect soot particles. Air scrubbers and containment measures can prevent soot and odor-causing particles from traveling to other rooms during restoration

SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex wants homeowners to know that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and can be reached at (919) 615-1160.

Can Soot Damage Be Removed from Flooring in Raleigh Homes?

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage can leave many lasting effects on your home. For smoke and fire cleanup services, contact SERVPRO 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Types of floors and soot soils impact the smoke and fire cleanup of Raleigh properties.

Partial combustion of building materials and contents can create challenging smoke particles and soot soils that circulate in the house. With many surfaces like flooring covered, it is up to our experienced SERVPRO team to implement the appropriate cleaning and restoration strategies to help.

Cleaning Up Loose Debris on the Surface

Before much of the smoke and fire cleanup in Raleigh homes can get underway, we must consider the needed step of removing debris and soot buildup from the house. The presence of thick residues on multiple surfaces is formidable and challenging to remove. We have numerous strategies to help reduce or eliminate loose debris, including:

  • Shovels
  • Vacuums
  • Brushes
  • Brooms
  • Filtration Equipment

Solvents for Clearing Soot on Hard Surfaces

Wood is a semi-porous material, meaning that if restoration steps are taken fast, it is possible to preserve and protect these flooring elements from requiring replacement. Dry solvents are preferred choices when the team must overcome oily residues or damp soils without adding more moisture to the equation.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Homes

Carpets can be among the more challenging aspects to care for after a fire. Because of the magnetism of this type of material to absorb and trap fire debris and soot, the method for cleaning carpets becomes critical to prevent a full replacement of these materials. Deluxe conditioning and bonnet cleaning can immediately impact removing set-in soils and preserving the colorfastness of the fibers.

Various flooring materials can be impacted by migrating soot and smoke residues. Clearing the elements and protecting underlying layers like subflooring involves a fast response by competent and qualified professionals. Our SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex team can help when you need it after a fire. Call us today at (919) 615-1160.

Need Raleigh Bathroom Electrical Fire Damage Restoration?

1/19/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can restore this soot and smoke-damaged Raleigh bathroom back to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Restoration from SERVPRO Includes Raleigh Structure and Contents Cleanup

Bathroom fire damage can be distressing to tackle, especially compared to other forms of fire damage on a Raleigh property. The amount of moisture in a bathroom can make soot removal particularly challenging without access to professional-grade solutions. Worse still, this smoke residue can potentially turn acidic and corrode appliances exposed to soot after a fire.

SERVPRO fire damage restoration for Raleigh properties is a comprehensive process that includes cleanup, demolishing unsalvageable surfaces with homeowner’s and insurer’s permission, and rebuilding structural materials. This team’s repair-when-possible approach provides cost-effective service with minimal replacement needs.

Soot Cleanup After Bathroom Electrical Fire Damage

SERVPRO professionals carefully remove large soot deposits and fire damage debris in thick plastic bags to prevent secondary damages from smoke damage particles or residues. Personal protective equipment is a must for keeping surfaces clean and streamlining the mitigation process.

Fire cleanup entails:

  • Structural drying with air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture before performing soot removal
  • Demolition of irreparable drywall and other materials with the permission of homeowners and insurers
  • Thorough manual cleaning of bathroom contents with equipment ranging from dry cleaning sponges to heavy-duty alkaline cleaners, with lipophilic and hydrophilic options available to target various residue types
  • Odor control with thermal fogging, EPA-registered biocide solutions, hydroxyl generators, and abrasion blasting with dry ice or soda ash on charred surfaces

SERVPRO cleanup services can also clean and restore ventilation with specialized agitation tools and cleaning solutions. Flex duct is more cost-effective to replace, but sheet metal ventilation is often salvageable after a home fire.

SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex responds to residential disaster restoration needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (919) 615-1160 to kickstart the process.

Does the HVAC System Need Cleaning After a Cary Housefire?

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include fire damage. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Our Experienced Professionals Can Clean Ducts and Air Units in Cary Homes After a Fire. 

While we prioritize many types of fire restoration like debris removal and deodorization, when aerosolized particles find their way into the HVAC system, it could be damaging to the house in several ways like:

  • Moves fire damage to other rooms
  • Distributes soot through ducts
  • Coats vents and returns with debris/soot

Inspecting the HVAC Unit

Among the important fire and smoke cleanup in Cary homes that is necessary is clearing buildup and debris trapped in the HVAC system. To determine the extent of this damage, we use borescope cameras and other visual aids to see inaccessible areas and choose the best remediation and cleaning approach to resolve the particles trapped along the walls of the ducts.

Vacuuming and Clearing Soot 

Among the first things that our technicians must do is to remove the vent covers, returns, and registers on the floors and ceilings to provide access for the cleaning equipment. With the information gathered through scoping these sheet metal pathways, we can focus our bristled brushes, whips, and high-powered vacuums on specific problem areas.

Sealing the Ductwork of an HVAC System

There are instances where duct cleaning of the system is impossible or too challenging for even our experienced remediators. Instead, sealing can help deodorize and protect the rest of the attached HVAC system from harsh effects like soot and odors.

Clearing soot and smoke debris from the HVAC system is necessary to protect the entire house after a fire. These pathways allow odors and airborne particles to reach new rooms and areas of the property. Our SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex team has powerful equipment and cleaning products to help. Call us today at (919) 615-1160.

Cleaning Fixtures and Wood Structures in Raleigh Homes After a Fire

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has experienced technicians with the equipment and expertise your home needs after a fire mishap. Give us a call right away.

Our Experienced Team Has Specific Strategies for Cleaning Wood Surfaces in Raleigh Homes After a Fire. 

With a range of surfaces and building materials that make up a property, understanding the damage that smoke and fire damage effects can have prioritizes the recovery efforts needed. Wood framing, finished wood, and even hardwood floors can be greatly damaged by soot and smoke, so we determine the best remediation strategies based on the specific material affected.

Identifying the Type of Wood Exposed

Knowing the type of wood material affected can ultimately help our technicians determine the ideal fire damage restoration in Raleigh homes required. There are three main types of wood common to modern homes, including;

  • Unfinished Wood – Without a finish, wood can be highly porous and sensitive to moisture, odors, soot particles, and other airborne and microscopic threats present after a fire gets extinguished.
  • Finished Wood – Finished wood is a common staple to your home’s construction, from installed cabinets to flooring. In many ways, the varnish or lacquer finish can prevent permanent staining and damage to the wood after soot exposure. 
  • Simulated Wood Grain – This thin material often more simulates wood than embodies its characteristics. Laminates like these are a combination of pressed wood or particleboard. While they are capable of wet cleaning, excessive moisture could ruin this material.

How Does Unfinished Wood Get Restored? 

Situations like discoloration or odor absorption may happen quickly with unfinished woods. Light residues can often be cleaned with dry practices and sponge cleaning, but heavier residues on these surfaces might require denatured alcohol or even sanding to resolve.

Is Finished Wood Difficult to Clean? 

As one of the more common elements to see in the kitchen, finished wood can be cleaned in multiple ways. While excess residues can be removed with a vacuum or dry-cleaning approach, wet cleaning is among the most efficient methods for removing intrusive soot damage.

SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex (919) 615-1160.

Removing Different Soils from Fire-Damaged Raleigh

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

Not matter the size of the fire, smoke and soot are difficult to remove. Call SERVPRO for effective fire damage restoration.

Quickly Identifying Fire Damage in Raleigh Homes Allows the Appropriate Cleaning to Begin as Soon as Possible

Partial combustion can generate hazardous aerosolized effects like soot and smoke particles. When these come to rest on surfaces and contents, specific cleaning methods are necessary to restore to the preloss condition.

What Types of Soils and Residues Threaten Raleigh Homes? 

To begin fire damage restoration for Raleigh homes, restorers must first determine the type of smoke damage that exists. 

  • Dry Smoke – Chemical sponges or other dry-cleaning methods can often wipe away the chalky film.
  • Wet Smoke – Moist conditions and smoldering fires work together to create a thick and formidable residue on surfaces. While these fires are not often as widespread, the residues are challenging to remove. 
  • Furnace Puffback – Many homes use oil furnaces for heat in the winter months. Without proper maintenance and upkeep, blockages can occur that cause microexplosions in the ignition chamber and leave soot deposits in several rooms. 
  • Protein Residues – With kitchen flare-ups, a leading cause of fire damage in area homes, protein residues and grease deposits can be stubborn soils to overcome. Solvents are necessary to break down the residue. 

After a loss, identifying the type of smoke damage and soils present in your fire-damaged home can make restoration and cleanup more efficient and thorough. Our SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex team can help. Give us a call at (919) 615-1160.

How Different Is Fire and Smoke Cleanup in Raleigh Properties after a Grease Fire?

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Our IICRC certified technicians are prepared to assist with any level of fire damage in your home. Call us right away.

SERVPRO Chooses Strategies that Simplify Residue and Odor Removal during Raleigh House Fire Cleanup

The challenge of fire and smoke cleanup varies depending on the items the fire burns or the type of fuel involved. Grease fires produce significant smoke and leave sticky residues even when physical damage such as charring is minimal. Cleaning takes several approaches to restore the soiled areas and eliminate odor.

Prioritizing some fire and smoke cleanup steps in Raleigh properties helps improve the outcomes. For instance, quick removal of burned or charred items helps mitigate pungent odors. Our SERVPRO technicians wheeled trash cans to collect damaged materials from your loss site, moving them outside the house. Eliminating the charred remains paves the way for the other cleanup processes.

Removing Soiled or Charred Materials is Necessary Whether Performing:

  • Water and fire damage restorations
  • Fire restoration
  • House fire clean up

Addressing smoke damage requires cleaning residue deposits on surfaces and addressing any materials lodged beyond the surface. As a fire burns, the heat opens up pores of various materials, increasing the difficulty of cleaning such surfaces. 

Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches to combat the challenges. For instance, heating cleaning agents improve their efficiency in cleaning residues. We can also use specialized fire restoration techniques such as soda blasting, which helps strip off wet smoke residues and other stubborn soils faster. Deodorization helps finish any traces of pungent odor.

Typical Fire Deodorization Techniques Include

•    ULV fogging

•    Thermal fogging

•    Activated oxygen 

SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex completes fire and smoke cleanup fast and efficiently. Call us at (919) 615-1160 when you need assistance. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Cary Homeowners Can Call SERVPRO for Fire Restoration Services

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

Call our experts after you experience a fire disaster, we have the training your home needs after a fire occurs.

House Fire Clean-up Efforts in Cary are Easy and Effective with SERVPRO’s Help

Allowing a professional water and fire damage restoration crew into your home after a house fire is a decision you will not regret. When accidents happen, SERVPRO is ready to apply its specialized knowledge to reverse smoke damage and make the incident just a thing of the past. All you have to do is call our staff, readily available 24/7, and let us take charge of the fire restoration process.

Fire restoration in a Cary home may extend well beyond the point of ignition. Take, for instance, a kitchen fire, where the resulting soot spreads through the HVAC system reaching other rooms, and its smell permeates every surface in the home. It takes industry-grade cleaners and equipment to neutralize the odor and clean every item without damaging them. The SERVPRO staff understands these nuances and works diligently to achieve the best results while minimizing your loss.  The average homeowner may not realize that fire-damaged homes usually require several cleaning methods to erase the fire’s impact. Two of the most basic techniques include-

  • Mechanical- Usually involves agitation to loosen soil from each surface and make its removal easier. 
  • Chemical- This method involves cleaning substances to interact with the residue and eliminate it. Improper use of chemical solutions can damage the surface permanently and result in a total loss. SERVPRO staff works within the risks and benefits of each cleaning solution available to the team.

Do not underestimate the value of a knowledgeable fire restoration team like SERVPRO of South Cary/Apex. Call us at (919) 615-1160 and let us apply our expertise to your situation. We look forward to leaving your home “Like it never even happened.”

Where to Find Fire Damage Repair Companies?

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

Yes We can! Call SERVPRO for Raleigh Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

SERVPRO can Repair the Fire Damage in Your Raleigh Home!

Going through a house fire is incredibly stressful, but many people never consider the aftermath until they're experiencing it. There are many issues a blaze can leave behind, and it can feel overwhelming to face all of them by yourself.

Here at SERVPRO, we can provide you with local Raleigh fire damage repair services. We specialize in remediating fire damage from the beginning to the end. Some of the after-effects of fire damage you might not consider could be:

  • Smoke-damaged electronics and appliances
  • Clothing that smells strongly of smoke
  • Charred carpets and melted plastics
  • Water damaged possessions from the extinguishing efforts

House Fire Clean Up

Fortunately, here at SERVPRO, our technicians are trained to handle every aspect of fire damage remediation. We can clean up soot and send washable smoke-ridden clothing to be cleaned in our facilities. Furthermore, we bring advanced equipment right to your door, designed to break up soot for easy removal. When the fire and smoke effects are pervasive our technicians can:

  • Box up electronics for inspection
  • Move furniture to our facility to be cleaned
  • Store your possessions in a locked storage area while we remediate your home
  • Dry water damaged items from the fire extinguishing efforts

We have your back during your most trying home-emergencies. Call (919) 615-1160 to speak with SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex today! We are ready to help you.

Need Some Help Sharpening Your Focus on Work and Home Tasks in Cary?

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing what the online event has to offer for Cary residents!

Pick Up Some Hints During an Online Event Available to Cary Residents -- “How To Improve Your Focus and Limit Distractions” Raleigh

Now more than ever, Cary residents can benefit from some pro tips to help banish the tendency to get sidetracked when you need to be productive. You have a long to-do list -- let’s work on ensuring your eye is on the prize. Perfect for busy parents, stressed students, overwhelmed professionals, and anyone who feels a little “foggy” these days.

The training is free of charge and online.

  • Date and time:      Wednesday, January 27, 2021

2:00 to 2:30 pm               

  • Learning Targets: 
    • Become more productive through increased focus.
    • Use online tools and apps geared toward enhancing concentration.
    • Practice tricks that result in being on task and attentive.
  • Register through Eventbrite Cary 

Count on the deodorization professionals at SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex to hone in on effective fire cleanup for smoke odors. We are available for a consultation at (919) 615-1160 so you can focus on other tasks while we eradicate post-fire malodors.

What Should a Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Firm Offer Raleigh Residents?

1/10/2021 (Permalink)

When your home office is faced with fire damage, don’t panic. SERVPRO can get a handle on the situation fast. Call 24/7 for emergency services.

SERVPRO Commits the Time and Investment Needed to Restore Fire Damage Regardless of Cause or Intensity

One of the worst fires in Raleigh history can trace its roots to an even more massive conflagration in an urban area 65 miles away. During Sunday morning services on May 29, 1831, most Fayetteville residents congregated in their respective churches. As the church members and ministers streamed out on their way home at noon, they noticed a fire gaining force in the town center.

What Caused the Fayetteville Fire of 1831?

As is common in many household fires, the Fayetteville blaze began in a kitchen just off Market Square. The community came together to battle the blaze, but the flames leaped from one wooden structure to the next. Fayetteville did have a fire engine, but it could not keep up with the rapidly spreading fire. Eventually, those operating the fire engine gave up, and the heat and flames consumed the equipment. Men and women tried to control the raging fire with buckets and fire blankets but to little avail.

What Historic North Carolina Buildings Fell to the Fire?

Raleigh was a planned community and eventual capital of North Carolina, but the Capitol was not built until 1792. The State House where the North Carolina Assembly met and finally ratified the United States Constitution on a second try was located in  Fayetteville. Debate raged like the 1831 fire in Fayetteville from November 16 through 23, 1789, about accepting the U.S. Constitution and joining the new federal Union, but ratification prevailed. As the wind gusted and embers flew through the air in May 1831, the Old State House caught and burned to the ground. After four hours and despite the hard work of the townspeople, 600 buildings met their ends in Fayetteville:

  • Hundreds of homes
  • A school
  • Two hotels
  • More than a hundred stores
  • Two banks
  • All the town's houses of worship save the Methodist church

How Was the Fayetteville Fire Finally Stopped?

Ultimately the townspeople fought fire with gunpowder, blowing up homes and other buildings to remove fuel sources that would permit the fire to continue its destruction. It was nearly a miracle that no one died, and as it was spring moving into summer, the community also had time to recover. Most property owners were uninsured. Word spread throughout the country of the catastrophe, and contributions came in from all over. Rebuilding proceeded.

What Does the Fayetteville Fire Have to Do with Raleigh?

Because of the May 29, 1831 fire, North Carolina state leaders focused on considering whether the governmental buildings in Raleigh were exposed to the same kind of risk as happened to the north. In Raleigh, the State House had a wooden roof that concerned officials after the terrific amount of fire damage suffered in Fayetteville. Thomas Bragg, a general contractor, accepted the job of fireproofing the capitol building, charging $1940 for the project.

When Was the Work Done on the Raleigh State House?

Just weeks after the Fayetteville fire, crews began the process of retrofitting the roof in Raleigh. After assessing the situation, a reckoning to install sheets of zinc plate on the roof to prevent the kind of opportunistic fire spread seen in Fayetteville in late May occurred. Wood-framed, clad, and roofed buildings were very vulnerable to sparks and embers, and government officials were eager to protect the Raleigh State House's wood roof for the present and into the future.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong During the Raleigh Roofing?

Then-Governor Montfort Stokes observed the re-roofing and felt a step was missing. The Governor's concern was that the zinc sheets fastened with nails. He wondered and worried that the holes created by the nails would permit water to leak through the roof into the Raleigh State House. Governor Stokes talked with Bragg about what he noted. He suggested to the contractor that each nailhead needed soldering to prevent roof leakage.

  • The early morning of June 21, 1831 (5 am) saw three workers climbing the Raleigh Capitol roof to complete the zinc installation.
  • Workers passed iron pots with live and burning coals onto the roof to permit them to heat the driven nail heads and solder them to the zinc plates. 
  • During a breakfast break, the workers left the hot iron pots on the roof surface.
  • The pots caused the roof to catch fire.

What Were the Consequences of the Raleigh State House Fire?

Much like the old State House in Fayetteville, the Raleigh State Capitol burned, with failed attempts to save essential records and the Canova statue of George Washington, a marble work stylizing the first President as a Roman general. The statue was a complete, headless ruin after the fire. For a time after the crisis, the chance that Raleigh would lose its standing as North Carolina's state capital was a definite possibility. More than a year later, in December 1832, the General Assembly relented and appropriated $50,000 for the Capitol's reconstruction on Raleigh's Union Square.

How Can Homeowners Avoid the Total Destruction of Their Raleigh Abodes?

The building and firefighting industries have come a long way since the tinderbox roofs of 19th century Fayettevill and Raleigh allowed fires to skip from building to building with abandon. Fire damage restoration provided by SERVPRO has advanced as well, offering the chance to transform smoke and flame-derived harm back to the cozy home you and your family enjoyed before the fire.

What Does SERVPRO Do in the Aftermath of a Fire?

Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and crews arrive ready to assess the safety hazards and the damage. Once we control safety issues at the scene, SERVPRO swings into gear:

  • Removing and appropriately disposing of the water used to knock down flames
  • Planning for the products and techniques needed to clean residues
  • Implementing the professional plan, employing personal protective equipment (PPE) and containment strategies to keep your loved ones safe
  • Deodorizing
  • Arranging for repairs and rebuilding

Fire damage restoration is vital to the mission of SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex. Our highly-trained and well-equipped team of fire loss recovery experts await your call at (919) 615-1160. Let's partner together to make it "Like it never even happened."

Is it Better to Throw Everything Away Inside a Burned Raleigh Residence?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Call us at (919) 615-1160 for knowledgeable, efficient cleanup assistance.

Cleaning and Restoration of A Fire-Damaged Home in Raleigh is Often Less Expensive than Replacing the Contents

Property owners often need assistance in determining how likely restoration efforts might provide suitable results, making items usable again after a disaster occurs to a home in Raleigh. Replacing belongings is only one option. However, it may cost homeowners more and create additional confusion and hardship than other available possibilities.

The type of disaster influences the overall costs involved in restoring your family's belongings, as well as the amount of damage inflicted inside a house. The team from SERVPRO uses their comprehensive training in smoke and fire damage cleanup to help Raleigh homeowners put such a horrific situation behind them. Although the process might seem complicated because of the varied approaches we use, we follow specific protocols to create a uniform, organized environment. This makes our cleaning methods even more efficient.

The way SERVPRO organizes a family’s belongings after a fire helps minimize the number of things they must replace. Because some items need extensive restorative work carried out at our facility, determining this can shave weeks off the final date. We package these items in boxes. We wrap them securely, creating an inventory sheet as we work. We also take items that require cleaning with ultrasonic technology to our facility, also. Other items that we can clean and restore on-site go through a categorization process.
•    Heavily soiled, non-porous items,
•    Fabrics and other textiles that might need laundering after vacuuming, and
•    Personal items your family needs as soon as possible.

Your previously tidy Holly Springs, NC home, most likely gave you and your family members a horrible shock after a fire. Still, SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex knows how to erase the ugly effects of smoke and destruction and save you money in the process. Call us at (919) 615-1160 for knowledgeable, efficient cleanup assistance.

What Products or Tools Help with Odors from a Fire?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

Fire and Odor Damage is Something We Specialize in at SERVPRO – Call Us When You Need Us for Restoration of Your Raleigh Home.

After a fire within the home, many people concentrate on debris removal and planning for material replacement. However, the odor is a significant issue that must be addressed so that there are no foul smells that linger after the bulk of the cleanup is complete. SERVPRO has the latest state of the art technology and equipment to ensure your Raleigh interior is fresh, clean, and back to it was before the fire took place.

Our IICRC-certified technicians understand best practices for removing charred debris from your home. We devise a tailored plan that allows us to work most efficiently to help with fire and odor damage in Raleigh so that everything is left “Like it never even happened.” Once we identify areas of the home where odors are coming from, we remove them without a trace using a range of odor-removal tools and specialized techniques, including:

  • Odor counteracting beads
  • Deodorant granules or pellets
  • Water-based odor counteractants and wet mist deodorizers
  • Thermal fogging technology
  • Sealants
  • Air scrubbers
  • Ozone generators, and more

There are many options that SERVPRO has to address the damage to your home, including:

  • Scrubbing and disinfection of a range of surfaces, including walls, windows, staircase rails, screens, and more
  • Carefully clean cabinetry, drawers, closets, and other hard surfaces impacted by smoke and soot
  • Dust or wash household items, including pictures and knick-knacks
  • Address your ductwork and HVAC system to handle any lingering foul odors
  • Perform specialized cleaning, drying, and sanitization as needed to restore your home to preloss condition

Tough odors after a fire in your home are no match for SERVPRO of South Cary/Apex. Once you call us at (919) 615-1160, we can send a team to get started on your fire and odor damage needs. We have crews available 24/7 to handle your emergency service!

See more about Raleigh.

I Can’t See It, But I Sure Can Smell It -- How Do I Cleanup Fire Odors in My House?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

Odors along with smoke and fire damage in your Raleigh home? SERVPRO has many mechanical solutions to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Offers Professional Strategies to Cleanup Both Fire Residues and Their Odors in Raleigh Residences

The aftermath of a Raleigh household fire presents a huge learning curve for a homeowner, including coping with residues, both seen and invisible, unlike anything you have experienced before. Engaging our services is the perfect way to ensure cleanup of the soot and odors lingering can be effective and complete.

What Is the Relationship Between the Soot and Odors of a Household Fire?

Fire and odor cleanup for your Raleigh home go hand in hand. Our highly trained technicians appreciate the connection, knowing that without top-notch and complete cleaning, odors linger. We also understand that some odors are relentlessly persistent, and we seek innovative techniques to eliminate even the most intractable stenches.

How Do Restoration Technicians Approach the Challenges of Cleaning and Deodorization?

Science is the foundation of all the services SERVPRO offers. As we review the damage in your home, we perform the following evaluations to manage the soiling and odors:

  • Matching the type of soot and surface affected with the appropriate cleaning products and techniques
  • Implementing the cleaning regimen
  • Checking in with the homeowner post-cleaning to discuss whether odors are still bothersome
  • Employing advanced deodorization equipment if needed to eradicate any lingering smells
  • Thermal fogging -- deodorizing aids combust to recreate the conditions of the fire and disperse to pair with and neutralize the unpleasant smells
  • Ozone machines -- the malodorous substances are oxidized, although a brief evacuation of the house is required
  • Hydroxyl generators -- hydroxyl molecules created using UV light seek out the odor-bearing soot particles and change them at a molecular level into innocuous and odor-free substances

The trained team at SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex is poised to help residents of our community conquer the dual enemies of soot and odors after a home fire. Contact us at (919) 615-1160 as soon as practical after the firefighters relinquish your house's control.

What Causes Your Cary Attic Fire Damage to Spread?

6/28/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex provides 24/7 service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Technicians Remove Attic Fire Damage from Cary Homes & Perform Restoration Services

Every year, an average of 10,000 attic fires happen in the United States, causing a whopping $477 million in structure and property damages. Attic fires in Cary and elsewhere can spread quickly and create more loss than other types of residential structure fires without fast action.

SERVPRO technicians are certified in restoration industry best practices to remove fire damage in your Cary home’s attic. This firm’s restoration-first approach focuses on helping homeowners save while mitigating the short- and long-term effects of a disaster.

What in My Attic is Most Vulnerable to Fire?

• Cardboard boxes. If you use your attic primarily for storage, consider switching to plastic bins. Not only can this lessen your fire risk, but plastics and other oil-based products burn more slowly and at lower temperatures than paper and cardboard.
• HVAC systems. Attic fires typically occur due to electrical malfunctions and problems with your ventilation. Dust, dirt, and lint clogging up filters and vent shafts are also fuel for a home structure fire.
• Insulation. Fiberglass and mineral wool are naturally fire-resistant. While more flammable materials, such as cellulose, can be treated with fire-resistant chemicals like boric acid, it may be more cost-effective to select attic insulation with a natural resistance to fire.

Can SERVPRO Preserve Fire-Damaged Documents?

Depending on the condition of essential documents after fire damage and suppression, SERVPRO can take steps to preserve as much as possible. Documents are typically treated through sublimation–that is, the transition from a solid to a gaseous state without turning liquid. This process is accomplished by freezing documents and then drying them with one of the following methods:

• Freezer-drying
• Dehumidification
• Air-drying
• Vacuum thermal-drying
• Vacuum freeze-drying

SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex provides 24/7 service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (919) 615-1160 to start the mitigation process within hours of your initial contact.

3 Things You Should Know About Renters Insurance

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

Renters insurance covers the personal property of renters but not the home that they rent

3 Things You Should Know About Renters Insurance

Fire can not only cause extensive damage to the home you live in but destroy the personal property you have in that home. Renters insurance can help you replace your personal property damaged or destroyed in a fire at your rental home. Most renter's policies are similar in what they cover, but there can be some differences, so it is wise to familiarize yourself with your policy before a loss occurs.

1. Policies May Cover Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost
Most renter's policies cover personal property at replacement cost, which is the cost of replacing your property with a new item of like kind and quality. However, some policies cover property at actual cash value, which is the replacement value less depreciation. If you have an actual cash value policy, you will probably pay less in premiums but could also receive less money than it will cost you to replace or repair your property.

2. Your Renters Policy Does Not Cover Your Rental Home Itself
Renters insurance covers the personal property of renters but not the home that they rent. Your landlord should have a policy to cover any fire restoration services needed to repair damage to the building you are renting. Building owners are also usually also responsible for hiring a fire cleanup service in Apex, NC if one is needed to restore the building to livable condition.

3. Some Property May Have Specific Limits
Most of your personal property is covered for fire damage up to the limits of your policy; however, some types of property may have specific limits that you should be aware of. Categories of property that frequently have limits include electronics, musical instruments, jewelry, plants, and cash. Your policy should state any limits on specific types of property.
Renters insurance can provide financial protection for your personal property that has been lost or damaged in a fire. However, it is wise to familiarize yourself with your policy and know exactly what is covered, and for how much, before a loss occurs.

The Post-Fire Cleanup Process

5/25/2020 (Permalink)

The Post-Fire Clean Up Process

Tackling the cleaning after a fire in Raleigh, NC comes with a host of new concerns: Can you restore items with smoke damage without further damaging them? Can you remove soot damage without weakening the structure of your home? Fortunately, the answer to both questions is positive: smoke cleaning and soot removal can restore many items to their pre-fire condition, though some types of restoration may require the aid of professional services.

Pre-fire Inventory

Careful documentation should be the first step of your cleanup process, but you may not be in the state of mind or have the necessary tools to compile an inventory on your own. Often, your insurance and restoration company can aid with inventories, walking you through each area of your home to compile an inventory that reflects the past and present.

Documentation methods may include

Bar coding
Digital photography
Digital video
Itemized lists

Individual Inspection

Because a fire often brings multiple types of damage, including water, soot and smoke damage, each of your belongings will need to be inspected individually during inventory to determine what is viable for restoration. Some items, such as stainless-steel cookware and glass, can be deodorized with consumer-accessible cleansers, while others, like clothes and photographs, are likely to need more specialized applications for restoration. 

Specialty Cleaning

For items that cannot be cleaned through conventional means, a content cleaning company may offer more extensive services. Ultrasonic machines can be used to deodorize nonporous items and return them to their original state, while dry cleaning can be used to remove odors from cloth items and restore your wardrobe. If you’re working with professionals, they’ll guide you through each step of the fire cleanup process and inform you which of your belongings, if any, require their specialty services. 

Returning Normalcy

Finally, although a fire can cause both physical and mental stress, it need not permanently halt your life. By smoke cleaning your belongings and removing soot and smoke damage, you’ll be one step closer to returning a sense of normalcy for your family and recovering from the fire, which is the last, but most imperative, part of the cleanup process. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Reducing Your Risk of Home Fire Due to Lightning

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Take the steps to reduce a lightning fire in your Morrisville, NC home

Reducing Your Risk of Home Fire Due to Lightning

A lightning fire is a frightening event, but thankfully lightning strikes are not a common occurrence, igniting an average of 22,600 home fires each year nationwide. The greatest number of fires occur during peak rainy seasons when lightning is more prevalent. Naturally, you may want to take every precaution possible to help prevent one from starting in your home in Morrisville, NC.

Things To Do To Help Prevent a Home Lightning Fire

Knowing how to cut your risks of experiencing a house fire can be very useful, especially if you live where serious storms are common. The following are a few tips that may help.

Cut back any branches or trees that are growing near your home to reduce the risk of fire spreading to the roof or siding if they are hit.
Install a lightning rod on top of your home to divert the dangerous energy safely into the ground.
Make sure your electrical system is properly grounded.
Turn off many of the electric devices, such as the television or computers, so they are not a draw during an electrical storm, and avoid using the phone, shower or tub.

What To Do if Lightning Strikes Your Home

When a lightning fire happens, it can be a hot and fast-burning fire. The first and most important priority is to get the family out safely. Because lightning usually occurs during a rainstorm, it is possible that rain water may continue to come in through damaged roof areas even after the fire is extinguished. Fire and water damage specialists in Morrisville, NC, can help with boarding up any exterior holes caused by the flames or firefighters, and help make decisions as to the cleanup and restoration of the home.
If you have taken steps to reduce the risk of a lightning fire, you need not worry excessively about a blaze, but you would also benefit from putting a family escape plan into place. Preparation is the greatest prevention in most cases, and you may rest easier if you know you have done everything possible.

3 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe If a Fire Occurs

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

Place a Window Cling to alert firefighters about pets within your home in case of a fire

Ways You Can Protect Your Pet if a Fire Occurs

Many homeowners in Holly Springs, NC, consider their pets part of their families. However, when it comes to planning for a fire emergency, few people know how to involve them. There are several ways you can help to protect your pets if a fire occurs.

1. Create a Plan That Considers Your Pets

Many people don't think about pet safety when planning for disasters. However, it's often wise to consider your pets when you are planning to deal with the effects of a fire. Purchasing and safely storing items your pets may need after a fire, such as food, water and proof of vaccinations, can be useful. However, you shouldn't go back inside your home to gather these items if your home does catch fire. Remember, fire restoration experts can help restore your home, so safety should be your priority.

2. Keep Your Pets Near Exits

If you let your pets roam freely throughout your house, you know that you can't always control where they go. However, it can be important to make an effort to keep your pets near exits when you leave your house or at nighttime. If a fire emergency does occur, firefighters will more than likely be able to reach your pets quickly if they are in a room close to the home's exterior.

3. Place a Pet Alert Sticker on Your Front Window

In an emergency, seconds often matter. Though it can be helpful to verbally communicate with firefighters about your pets, it can also be wise to place a pet alert sticker that contains information about the number of pets in your home and their names on your front window. This way, firefighters will know how many pets to look for if you are not home when a fire occurs.
You love your pets like family, and it's often helpful to focus on pet preparation when prepping for a fire emergency. You can help keep your pets safe during and after a fire by including them in your planning, keeping them near exits and placing pet alert stickers on your front window.

3 Steps To Follow After a Fire Affects Your Home

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Cary,NC home

3 Steps To Follow After a Fire Affects Your Home

After a fire has damaged a home in Cary, NC, homeowners can begin to feel overwhelmed with worry and uncertainty about the fire restoration process. Many don't know what they should do in order to begin the path toward restoration. If a fire has damaged your home, however, there are several useful steps you can take to make restoration easier.

1. Begin the Claims Process

It's often important for homeowners to make a claim with their insurance company to move the restoration process forward. The majority of home insurance policies include fire insurance, so long as the cause of the fire wasn't arson. After making an insurance claim, your insurance provider will send out an adjuster to assess the damage. After the assessment, your insurance company can compensate you for your losses.

2. Avoid Touching Your Belongings or Going Into Your Home

After the blaze has been extinguished, you may be tempted to enter your home. While it's understandable that you want to look around and assess the damage yourself, entering your home and touching belongings affected by the fire can have a negative impact on the fire restoration process. Only if firefighters or a fire marshall has said it is safe to go into your home should you go inside your house after a fire is extinguished, and even then you should generally avoid touching any damaged items.

3. Contact Restoration Services

Though you shouldn't enter your home in order to gather your damaged items, it's often wise to contact emergency restoration services. Professionals know how to safely enter homes and can help to mitigate the damage that has already occurred. After damaged items are removed from the home, experts can also help with smoke cleaning and odor removal before rebuilding begins.

As terrible as a home fire can be, there are several key steps homeowners can follow in order to improve the fire restoration process. Filing a claim soon after a fire, not entering your home without clearance from firefighters and contacting restoration services can often make restoration a quicker, less stressful ordeal.

Can You Spot Smoke Damage?

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke damage

Whether fire damage has affected your entire home or just a small area, there's a good chance that damage has occurred. Lingering odors, ashes, and soot can indicate and perhaps cause unseen destruction. Even if you can't see a lot of damage, it's important to contact smoke cleaning professionals to quickly address the problem.

Damages must be documented right away.
Your insurance may cover destruction related to fire, smoke, ash, and soot.
Professional cleaning has safe and effective results.

Your home should be a safe and comfortable place to live. A quick response is the best way to be sure that all damages have been addressed.

Signs of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage isn't always obvious and sometimes it's hard to see the need for hiring a team of professionals. If your New Hill, NC, home has been affected by fire, and you haven't addressed the possibility of unseen damage, watch out for the following signs that you need to take smoke cleaning steps.

One: Stains on the Walls and Ceilings

Plastic surfaces absorb the particulates carried by smoke and hang onto the oily residue left by soot. Stains may be obvious right away, or they may become more apparent as time goes by.

Two: Rust and Corrosion on Metals

It doesn't take very long for copper in your home to succumb to fire damage, but other metals take longer to show harm. Usually, discoloration and deterioration can be seen within several hours. If you aren't looking, you may not notice trouble until it has spread.

Three: Discoloration of Draperies and Upholstery

You should also watch out for discoloration on your window treatments, furnishings, and even clothing. As smoke, ashes, and soot are left untreated, residue and smoke odor are absorbed into the fibers. Smoke and fire cleanup professionals can address these issues quickly and thoroughly.

After the flames have been put out, you may think that there's no more risk of damage. However, smoke cleaning services are just as important to the well-being of your home and fire damage cleanup.

How To Clean Items Damaged in a Commercial Fire

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Restoring belongings after a fire

After experiencing a fire in your building in Holly Springs, NC, there will likely be a lot of resulting damage. If you come across items that have been damaged by smoke, it is important that they are cleaned appropriately, whether you use dry-cleaning services or call a professional. Here is a helpful guide on cleaning fire-damaged items in your commercial building.

Furniture and Textiles

Before fire-damaged items can be cleaned, all of the residual soot must be removed. Soot that remains untreated can stain your belongings and become more difficult to remove. Some items that can be cleaned after accumulating soot include:

  • Carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Blinds

You can attempt to remove some of the soot by using a vacuum cleaner nozzle on the surface of the damaged object. However, relying on a professional to perform the content cleaning process can help your items become restored in a more thorough manner.


Soot-damaged clothing should be cleaned in a different way than furniture. The best way to ensure that clothing damaged from smoke is properly cleaned is to have it dry-cleaned. Not only does dry-cleaning help to thoroughly cleanse your clothing items, but it can also remove the lingering odor from the smoke. If the smoke odor isn’t eliminated as soon as possible, it can become embedded in the fabric.

Vents and Ducts

Smoke particles from the fire can spread throughout your commercial building and cause the odor to become trapped in vents and ducts. If smoke has become lodged in your ducts or vents, fire restoration services can clean them properly and prevent the smoke from continuing to drift through the air. These professionals can also place any items that have been damaged by smoke particles in content storage so they remain protected.
A fire is a devastating event, but making sure you have peace of mind can help the recovery process go more smoothly. In addition to helping repair structural damage, a professional fire remediation company should be able to help with dry-cleaning, ultra-sonic deodorizing and other services to restore valuable business assets.

Cooking Safely With Oil and Grease

5/27/2019 (Permalink)

After you've experienced a grease fire, it's difficult to know what to do next.

Fried foods have become increasingly popular in Raleigh, NC. As home chefs attempt to recreate their greasy restaurant favorites, sometimes things get out of hand. If oil or grease is overheated, it begins to smoke. If the temperature continues to rise after that, it will quickly catch fire. A grease fire is among the most dangerous types of house fire because it’s often not handled properly, and nothing ruins a good dinner party like a full-scale home evacuation. Here are some ways to prevent, extinguish, and handle the aftermath of a grease fire.

Grease Fire


The easiest ways to prevent your cooking oil from overheating are to take these precautions:

  • Never leave oil/grease unattended on or near a heat source
  • Use a thermometer to prevent overheating

These simple practices will ensure your time in the kitchen is safe and flame-free.


In case your oil does get too hot and catches fire, turn off the heat source if you can do so safely. Do not attempt to put water or other liquids on the fire as they will only feed the blaze. Instead, here are a few ways to safely extinguish it:

  • Cover the pan with a metal lid or a cookie sheet
  • Smother it with baking soda or salt
  • Us a Class B or K fire extinguisher

Remember that your safety is the most important thing. If the fire gets out of hand, don't hesitate to leave the house and call 911 for help.

The Aftermath

After you've experienced a grease fire, it's difficult to know what to do next. The best option is to find an experienced fire restoration company to help repair your home. The professionals will be able to handle the fire cleanup, help salvage your possessions, remove any harmful byproducts from your ventilation system, and restore your kitchen to its former glory so you can give that dinner party another try.

3 Types of Home Damage You May Have After a Fire

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Fire restoration requires the professionals

Types of Damage You Might Have in Your House After a Fire

You know that a fire in your Cary, NC, home can cause a lot of fire damage. However, you may not consider all of the different ways your home will be affected. The following are a few types of damage that you might have in your house after a fire.

1. Damage From Fire

The most obvious type of damage you will have is fire damage. This is primary damage and comes directly from the flames. It can spread quickly, affecting a large portion of your home. The high levels of heat can irreparably damage your belongings, burning fabrics and melting plastics. It can also weaken the structure of your house, sometimes causing whole areas to require rebuilding. Some items may be lost to the fire, but a fire restoration service can repair the damaged areas of your home.

2. Damage From Smoke

Because it does not seem quite as devastating as fire damage, smoke damage may sometimes be overlooked. This secondary damage can, however, affect your home just as much. The surfaces of your home may be covered with soot, and smoke can leave a lingering odor. Because of the acidic components contained in smoke, it can corrode metals and plastics if not removed.

3. Damage From Water

Depending on the severity of the fire, you may end up with damage from water as well. If a fire hose is required to put out the flames, your home will likely be flooded with water. If left to sit, this can cause warping to walls and flooring and may contribute to the growth of mold.

Because damage from a fire can be extensive and can include quite a bit of secondary damage, such as smoke and water damage, as well as that from the flames, it is a good idea to hire professionals to take care of it quickly. An emergency service will be able to remediate and repair your home to bring it as close to its previous condition as possible.

Freeze Up a Grease Fire With These Unusual (but Effective) Tips

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

Grease Fire can be very dangerous.

A grease fire is probably one of the worst-case fire scenarios you can encounter in your own kitchen, as grease fires aren’t combatted like normal fires. Instead of snuffing them out, water can aggravate a fat fire and cause a small stovetop flare-up to quickly turn into a raging inferno. If you ever encounter a fire caused by grease, it is important that you know what to do to put it out, and quickly.

The fire cleanup experts in Raleigh, NC, provide these tips for you to implement in the event of a stovetop fire caused by animal fat:

  • Do NOT throw water on the fire.
  • Turn off the heat source ASAP.
  • Remove all the oxygen from the flame, which you can do by covering the flame with a pot or pot lid.
  • If covering it up is not an option, dump baking soda on it, and lot of it!

Salt Works, Too

If you don’t have an abundance of baking soda on hand (because, let’s face it, not many people do), salt works too. Depending on the size of the grease fire, you may need to dump a cup or more of salt over the inferno to squelch it. Salt works by sucking the heat out of the grease so that it simply cannot sustain its combustion anymore. In fact, it is so effective that experts recommend keeping a tub of salt on hand whenever you plan to cook with grease.

Do Not Pour Any Other Baking Ingredient on the Flame

Flour, sugar, salt, baking soda…they’re all white powders, so they should work the same, right? Wrong. Baking soda is effective for small fires, while salt is best for larger ones. Accidentally (or purposefully) dousing the flames in flour or sugar could spark an inferno.

A grease fire can get out of hand very quickly, especially if you don’t know the best way to put one out and accidentally use the wrong methods. Use the tips from the National Fire Protection Association to freeze up a kitchen fire fast and before it causes too much damage.

How To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Home After a Fire

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

Ozone generators are used for removing smoke odor

How To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Home After a Fire

If you have had a fire in your Morrisville, NC home, then it is likely you will have some smoke damage along with the fire damage. Because the smell of smoke can linger in your home long after a fire, you should hire a fire remediation company to help remove any odors. Here are some things that can help get rid of the smell.

1. Cleaning Your Belongings
An important step in smoke cleaning is to wash any smaller items that might be holding odor. This can include clothing or soft objects such as stuffed animals. You can have these items professionally cleaned and restored to their pre-fire condition.

2. Using Air Filtration Systems
While smoke particles can enter your belongings and make them smell, they can also linger in the air. Using an air filtration system for smoke cleaning can remove these particles and make the air in your home fresh again. These systems pull air through filters that catch impurities, including smoke particles, removing the odor from the air.

3. Using Thermal Foggers
Because smoke particles are small and can embed themselves into your home, a filtration system likely won’t be enough to completely remove the smoke odor. In this case, a thermal fogger can help. It uses a deodorizing treatment to counteract the scent of the smoke. Small particles of the treatment are created using heat and pressure which allows it to enter the same spaces as the smoke particles to effectively remove the odor.

4. Using Ozone Machines
Another piece of equipment used in smoke cleaning is the ozone machine. As its name suggests, this machine produces ozone to remove smoke odor. Ozone has three oxygen molecules, one of which can detach and alter the composition of other substances, allowing it to neutralize the smoke particles in your home.

While smoke damage can be a frustrating problem, a professional fire damage repair specialist will have the necessary equipment to remove the odor from your home.

The Fire Restoration Process

12/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Cary,NC home

The Fire Restoration Process

After you've had a fire in your Cary, NC, home, the harm to the structure as well as the soot and smoke damage can seem overwhelming. That's why it's important to call a fire restoration company as soon as possible for damage cleaning and repair. They have the experience, know-how and equipment to efficiently take care of the problem. Following the steps outlined below, they can work to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

1. Initial Services

Once contacted, the restoration experts will come out to do any needed emergency repairs. Exposed areas can be boarded up, any pooled water from fire hoses removed, and security fencing installed.

2. Assessing the Damage

As soon as the emergency repairs are completed, the fire restoration technicians can take a close look at the situation. They check to see what structural damage has occurred, and examine any smoke or water damage to know how to best address the problem.

3. The Cleanup Process

Once the correct course of action is determined, the restoration team begins the cleanup phase. If there is water damage, the affected areas are thoroughly dried out and sanitized. Smoke damage is addressed using specialized equipment and techniques. Anything too damaged to be salvaged is removed from the structure.

4. Repairs and Restoration

At this point, any structural repairs can take place. Holes in the walls or roof are fixed, broken pipes are mended and leaks from water tanks sealed. After the structural repairs are completed, the final restoration process begins. Wallpapering, carpet replacement and painting are done during this phase.

5. Preventative Consultation

After the work is completed, the restoration specialists may want to consult with you concerning measures you can take to prevent fires in the future. This can include things like installing an alert system or storing materials more safely.

Hopefully, this outline gives you a good idea of what's involved in the fire restoration process. Calling a restoration expert right away is essential after you've had a fire in your home, both for your peace of mind and for getting your property back to normal quickly.

Understanding Key Smoke Detector Distinctions

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

A smoke detector is an essential fire safety device for every home in New Hill,NC

A smoke detector is an essential fire safety device for every home in New Hill, NC. Like most other items, your home’s smoke alarm does not have in infinite lifespan and should be replaced approximately every 8 – 10 years. When it’s time to purchase a new device, it’s important to understand key differences so that you select the best model for your home.

Smoke detectors can sense smoke using two distinct methods. Because of design variations, each system also responds best to different forms of fire.

1. Photoelectric Devices

A photoelectric device uses light beams. When smoke reaches the detector, it scatters light. The disturbed light hits the unit’s sensor, triggering the alarm.

Not all fires burn in the same manner. Because of its design, a photoelectric detector works best in smoldering fires that produce a significant amount of noxious smoke, such as electrical fires.

2. Ionization Detector

Ionization is another detection method utilized in some smoke alarm models. Instead of a light, this method uses ions, or electrically charged particles. Ionization models are well suited for fast-flaming fires sparked by ignited wood, paper or flammable liquids.

3. Dual-Sensor

Every home is potentially susceptible to both smoldering and fast-flame fires. To help ensure your family’s safety, you may want to consider purchasing an efficient dual-sensor device that contains both detection methods.

4. Units That Detect Both Smoke and Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless gas that may seep into your home because of faulty appliances or gas leaks. If your home uses a gas stove, furnace or water heater, you should own a carbon monoxide detector. Some smoke detectors also contain carbon monoxide detection technology, making them an ideal choice for gas-energized homes.

Because of their ability to efficiently detect multiple types of fires, fire safety professionals often recommend dual-sensor smoke alarm models. However, every functioning detector is a potentially life-saving tool. Although it cannot eliminate the risk of your home sustaining extensive fire damage, a functioning detector can provide peace of mind that your family will be promptly alerted of danger in the event of a fire.

How To Rid Your Home of Cigarette Stench

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

No matter how long it takes, an ozone machine can help remove the stench of cigarettes in your home.

Cigarette smoke can be one of the hardest smells to get rid of in your home. Professional remediation experts in Cary, NC, can apply home deodorization techniques that eliminate odors and leave your home smelling fresh. The process of using an ozone generator can be time-consuming, but it's fairly straightforward, and having a home free of cigarette stench is well worth the time it takes.

1. Isolate Area

The deodorization process is most effective when the ozone particles created by the generator are forced into a specific area. The technicians, therefore, will probably start the process by closing off the area that is to be treated.

2. Place Ozone Generator in Area

An ozone machine can be left in the area where the smell of cigarette smoke is the strongest during home deodorization. Once it is turned on, the machine starts to create ozone particles and releases them into the air. These particles neutralize the stale odors in much the same way that ozone created by a storm refreshes the air.

3. Leave Machine Running

After the machine is turned on, technicians can leave the area while it keeps running. Depending on how concentrated the odor is, the machine may need to run for a long time to eliminate the smells in the room. The amount of time it takes is usually proportional to the number of time cigarettes were smoked in the area. A high concentration caused by years of smoking may take days to resolve, whereas the odors lingering from the previous night's party may only take an hour or two.

If the ozone treatment is insufficient during the first round, technicians may have to repeat it until all the cigarette odor is gone. If the problem is more widespread, leaving the HVAC fan on can help the home deodorization process by spreading the neutralizing ozone throughout the house. No matter how long it takes, an ozone machine can help remove the stench of cigarettes in your home. For more information, visit