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SERVPRO Offers Commercial Water Damage Repair in Raleigh

4/4/2023 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the water damage in your property. Call now!

Commercial Water Damage Repair in Raleigh Requires Skill

Water damage in buildings with features like substantial square footage and multiple HVAC systems is unfortunate but not uncommon. It can bring business operations to a halt and cause extensive property damage. 

Commercial water damage is usually more extensive than residential water damage because of the complexity and size of the mechanical systems in large buildings. That's why you need a trusted firm like SERVPRO to repair commercial water damage in your Raleigh apartment property. By handling water damage quickly, you can mitigate its impact. 

Your apartment building's appearance and safety speak volumes to potential tenants. So, when the need arises for emergency repair services, call SERVPRO. We provide comprehensive restoration services that can prevent the loss of lease income from tenants who cannot live in damaged apartments. Our restoration process includes several steps, including the following: 

  • Inspection
  • Water extraction
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Cleaning

When inspecting for water damage, it may be necessary to check several dwelling units. Our team can note the damage, its severity, and its scope by photographing and recording your event's description. 

Water damage can pose safety threats to tenants. Wet areas can cause accidents-whether from unstable moisture-impacted structures, slick floors, or faulty appliances. Water can soon leak into ceilings, floors, furnishing, walls, and costly equipment. Wooden components like doors and windows can swell or warp. Our SERVPRO team can use extraction equipment to remove it.

Our SERVPRO team also monitors the drying process regularly to know how the building is drying. We create written monitoring reports that indicate moisture content readings of contents and structure and specific humidity readings. When we monitor the moisture measurements of damp materials and record them on the monitoring report, we can determine if the wet materials have dried satisfactorily or if it is necessary to alter the drying process.

Repairing commercial water damage is challenging, but SERVPRO of Cary / Morrisville / Apex has the right team and equipment to tackle it. Contact us today at (919) 615-1160 for repairs. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Needed Inventory for Water Restoration in Raleigh Offices 

11/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO provides commercial damage restoration 24/7 365 days a year. Call now!

Tools Likely Used During Raleigh Water Restoration

Leaks and plumbing breaks in your office building can have far-reaching implications for the structure, requiring immediate cleanup and repairs. By choosing SERVPRO's Large Loss recovery team, you can have a combination of IICRC-Certified technicians and a general contractor license to get you back in business as soon as possible.

Extraction Equipment

Extraction is an important part of water restoration in Raleigh businesses, especially office buildings where short pile carpeting and concrete subflooring can allow deeper pooling after leaks and burst pipes. There are many tools that SERVPRO can use to eliminate standing water throughout commercial structures, including:

  • Submersibles
  • Trash pumps
  • Vacuums
  • Light wands

Supplies for Surface Cleaning

However, water damage restoration can mean more than removing surface water and starting the drying process. Water migration in the office can impact several surfaces like drywall, carpeting, furniture, and more. The resulting absorption can discolor and stain surfaces, leave mineral deposits that create films and residues, or introduce contaminants or mold spores. Effective cleanup will involve strong detergents, chlorine-based cleaners, and potent botanical agents that leave a pleasant aroma behind in the active office setting.

Tools for Drying Wet Materials

In Large Loss applications, drying the structure requires specific tools and equipment. We have trailered machines like generators and desiccant dehumidifiers with lay-flat, quick-connect hoses to promote effective drying in multiple office rooms simultaneously. We can utilize thermohygrometers and moisture sensors to track the progress of managing moisture in the structure.

Keeping the Office Mold-Free

Preventing mold can be one of the priorities of water restoration services. The presence of microbial threats must be treated with urgency, preventing normal operations in these areas of your office. During the water cleanup, we can treat surfaces with mold-inhibiting products and thoroughly inspect once-wet materials that could support colonies to ensure no such threats exist.

When your office needs water restoration services, you can count on the fast response of our SERVPRO of Cary / Morrisville / Apex professionals to help. Give us a call today at (919) 615-1160. 

Deodorization Is Crucial to Effective Fire Restoration in Raleigh

7/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restores your fire and smoke damaged business in Raleigh back into great preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

Raleigh Fire Cleanup Crews Expertly Deodorize

Whenever your Raleigh area business experiences a fire, its facilities are generally fouled by smoke and related odors. These troublesome smells originate from fire residues and airborne particles and can be quite challenging to neutralize. With that said, there are local remediators like SERVPRO that can effectively eradicate them from your business.

SERVPRO, a trusted commercial fire restoration firm in Raleigh, routinely cleans up the odorous effects of major fire damage. Our skilled technicians are expertly trained and equipped with the latest high-tech tools so they can return your shop, store, restaurant, or hotel to its normal operations sooner than other fire restoration companies can. In performing their deodorization work, SERVPRO’s fire and smoke damage experts:

  • First, inspect your property, starting at the fire’s origin and working outward, and determine what is causing persistent odors
  • Then, work to mitigate further smoke damage and the spread of unpleasant odors by employing HVAC cleaning systems to remove smelly particles from air-circulation ductwork
  • Next, employ state-of-the-art smoke remediation equipment like air scrubbers and ozone machines to remove or neutralize airborne odor particles
  • After that, they use high-tech foggers to treat impacted areas with industrial-grade deodorants and injection devices to counteract odors in furnishings and other possessions
  • Concurrently, workers use dry, wet, abrasive, or innovative methods to clean smelly fire-related residues off of interior surfaces
  • Finally, your business is checked one last time to ensure that its odor issue has been fully dealt with and deodorizing pellets are left in critical locations to freshen interiors

Whenever you need commercial fire restoration work done, know that your neighbors at SERVPRO of Cary/Morrisville/Apex can help. Our skilled crews are knowledgeable in all aspects of fire damage remediation and adept at odor elimination. So, call us at (919) 615-1160 when you need fire damage recovery assistance.

What Fire Damage Restoration in Raleigh Businesses Involves

5/19/2022 (Permalink)

From a small Raleigh retail shop to an immense warehouse, SERVPRO provides rapid fire and smoke cleanup service to keep your business in business.

SERVPRO and Rapid Raleigh Fire Restoration

Fire creates many problems for Raleigh commercial establishments, including disrupting daily operations even with minimal physical damage. Therefore, fire damage restoration must address the changes in materials while resolving any issues that can interfere with work operations.

Evaluating the situation before taking any action to facilitate fire damage restoration in Raleigh properties is essential since it reveals the true extent of the loss. For example, it is only possible to distinguish whether a surface is charred or caked with residues after wiping with something like a cleaning sponge. SERVPRO prioritizes inspection because we believe it helps expedite the entire renovation exercise.

How inspection expedites restoration

  • Early identification of unsalvageable materials
  • Easing choice of restoration resources
  • Optimum planning of renovation tasks

The necessary actions are based on what the evaluation reveals and the unique situation at your establishment. The layout of the premises is part of the uniqueness. For a massive property such as a warehouse, access to elevated areas and vast surfaces to clean can complicate what would otherwise be a simple remediation process. Residues and soils from the combustion process also vary greatly, thus requiring specialized tools or cleaning agents.

Choosing fire restoration resources

Fires are accidental, so one has no choice in determining how they turn out. Mostly, they ignite from malfunctioning appliances, improperly stored wastes, or negligent actions such as leaving tools powered on when not in use. However, restoration is a matter of choice once the damage is done.

Typical choices to make include

  • Selecting access tools
  • Deciding where demolition is necessary
  • Deciding how to finish

Our SERVPRO crews are equipped with tools such as extension poles, ladders, or cherry pickers to handle tasks like cleaning high walls and ceilings. When dealing with fire damage, the last step is to refinish the affected areas to their preloss state. Some types of finishing influence fire restoration processes. For example, if walls need repainting, cleaning effort is minimal.

SERVPRO of Cary / Morrisville / Apex facilitates thorough fire damage restoration. Call us at (919) 615 1160. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Smoke Damage Can Impact a Raleigh Office Building

3/17/2022 (Permalink)

Raleigh offices rely on SERVPRO to mitigate fire and smoke damage in their buildings

Fire and smoke damage happens in many ways for Raleigh businesses

Because of how many ways a fire can occur in businesses and commercial properties, it is important to recognize how these events can impact the structure. Fire and smoke damage both spread quickly after extinguishing the blaze, making it critical to have experienced professionals get started with mitigation as soon as possible to prevent greater harm to the structure.

Air Quality Threats

One of the first ways fire and smoke in Raleigh businesses can damage the structure is by compromising the environment. Circulating soot and smoke solids are carcinogenic and hazardous to the health of those exposed, making it vital to begin air filtration efforts early. We have several HEPA products to trap and contain particles and microbes after a fire, improving indoor air quality.

Soot and Smoke Residues

Soot residues and smoke solids present challenging obstacles as well. We can evaluate what materials have become impacted by soils and residue deposits. By removing loose debris with vacuums and mechanical actions, we can often eliminate soot and smoke damage on the surface without ruining the underlying substrates. When the material is too heavily damaged, controlled demolition might be required.

Harsh Odors in Open Areas

Odors are another way that smoke can damage an office building. Malodors make comfortable working conditions impossible, so we determine early what tools and deodorization products are needed to help and eliminate offensive smells. We must also address materials likely to absorb smoke odors like:

  • Drywall
  • Carpeting
  • Wood construction materials
  • Ceiling tiles

Fires are a violent and destructive situation for businesses and can sweep through office buildings fast. We appreciate the urgency of mitigation and restoration of these disasters, so our SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex team works fast to get qualified professionals to your doorstep to help. Our experienced and certified team is available 24/7 at (919) 615-1160. 

Are Burst Pipes a Concern for Raleigh Restaurants?

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

A burst pipe can cause several problems in your home. For remediation services you can count on, call SERVPRO immediately after an event.

Rapidly changing storm conditions can impact plumbing and fixtures in Raleigh properties.

With the impact that winter storm Izzy had on the Greater Raleigh area, many homes and businesses suffered the effects of the freezing conditions and the heavy snow and ice precipitation. With many having lost power with poles and lines being dropped, those without backup power were at the mercy of steeply cold conditions and circumstances like:

  • Freezing pipes
  • Ice damming
  • Snowmelt flooding

Cold Snaps and Severe Temperature Drops

While water damage cleanup in Raleigh businesses is inevitable after situations like burst pipes or flooding, the conditions that allow this are more frequent than many realize. Restaurants rely on consistent warmth and upkeep to keep any exposed fixtures from suffering freezing conditions. Many plumbing elements were directly exposed to compromising cold without heat and suitable warmth.

Cleaning Up After Water Damage

Much of the plumbing system exists in a restaurant's kitchen and prep areas, so standing water might not be as costly and damaging as you think. Burst pipes can dispel more than 100 gallons of water a minute, pooling on the tile floors common to the work areas of the eatery. We can remove this standing water by using squeegee wands, wet vacuums, and submersible pumps as soon as possible.

Repairs and Reconstruction Needed After Burst Pipes

With a general contractor license and years of experience in the Triangle, we can help with the repairs and reconstruction often needed for post water damage and flooding cleanup. After burst pipes, it is imperative to repair plumbing, ruined fixtures, and other compromised elements. Our experienced roster ensures we move fast between mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction.

Even without rapidly moving winter storm systems, the effects of this season on area businesses and restaurants can cause substantial water damage. Our SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex is Here to Help when you call (919) 615-1160.

Raleigh Water Damage Cleanup Saves Businesses Time and Money

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

Rely on SERVPRO to rescue Raleigh area offices from water damage with a rapid extraction from the commercial-grade carpeting

SERVPRO Water Damage Mitigation Gives Raleigh Businesses Sanitation and Peace of Mind

Water damage impacts Raleigh businesses year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Pinhole-sized pipe leaks can affect drywall, ceiling tiles, electrical components, and other essential components of brick-and-mortar businesses by allowing gallons of water to seep into the property. Worse still, mold growth can accelerate and impact indoor air quality in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Raleigh SERVPRO water damage cleanup technicians respond to calls 24/7 to ensure that businesses recover quickly after disasters of any scale impact their property. SERVPRO provides staff with extensive education and further self-paced learning opportunities to keep technicians up-to-date on mitigation and restoration standards for commercial properties.

Commercial-Grade Odor Control Measures After Water Damage

SERVPRO Odor Control Technicians (OCTs) utilize a wide array of malodor mitigation tools tailored to the scale of the disaster at hand.

Salvageable carpet and pad, for example, can be treated with the following:

  • EPA-registered biocide solutions
  • Time-release gel pellets
  • Odor counteractant beads
  • Deodorizer-filled injection systems
  • Thermal or ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers

Sanitation with OSHA-approved antimicrobials is beneficial for odor control, but this process is not always sufficient for addressing odors. SERVPRO’s access to various malodor cleanup solutions accelerates the restoration of safe, comfortable spaces in commercial facilities.

High-powered ventilation box fans also help by circulating over 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute before and after deodorization to cycle air more quickly through a commercial space. This air is exchanged over 40 times before and after odor control to minimize smells from mitigation and restoration solutions while restoring indoor air quality to pre-disaster conditions.

Commercial property owners can contact SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex at (919) 615-1160 for around-the-clock mitigation and restoration.

Where Can Business Owners Get Commercial Fire Damage Repair Services in Raleigh?

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

Soot residues remain after a fire. We can remove it from display cases, shelving, and flooring and help get you open for business!

They Should Hire SERVPRO to Perform Commercial Fire Damage Repair in Raleigh

When a fire impacts a business like a clothing store, it can be overwhelming to deal with the aftermath. You risk losing customers and income every hour that your business remains closed. Furthermore, the destruction does not cease after firefighters put out the fire. Toxic chemicals, water damage, odors, soot, and smoke remain. External factors, including content damage, and vandalism can bring additional losses if you do not manage them promptly.

To prevent further destruction, you can hire SERVPRO to perform commercial fire damage repair in your Raleigh business. The smoke that infiltrates a building after a fire combines with humidity to create corrosive residues that can collect on and damage clothes and other items. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) can help you clean up the affected structures and contents.

At SERVPRO, we know the techniques required to clean up and salvage your contents and property effectively. Our crew can remove soot from chrome and aluminum shelving, tile, and wooden surfaces. We use advanced products, equipment, and procedures throughout the fire and smoke damage repair process, which may include:

  • Removing ruined materials that are considered unsafe.
  • Evaluate structural framing, including support beams and subflooring, to ensure that the structure is sturdy.
  • Eliminating contamination and odor caused by soot and smoke.
  • Replacing affected building materials.

Our SERVPRO team tests and inspects the property for smoke residues to determine the extent of the destruction and the cleaning procedures required for restoration. By pretesting and inspecting, our technicians locate residues, identify the residues present and determine the types of surfaces requiring cleaning.

It is necessary to capture residues before removal. Our SERVPRO technicians use fluids and air to release and carry soils away. Fluids and air have suspended particles within them on contact. Dissolving and vacuuming are two methods we can use to contact residues and carry them off for disposal. We can also remove unpleasant smells using products like odor counteracting beads, water-based wet mist deodorizers, and solvent-based thermal fog deodorizers.

SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex is ready to help you repair your business premises after a fire. Call us any time at (919) 615 1160.

Removing Harsh Odors in Raleigh Businesses After Mold Damage

9/3/2021 (Permalink)

Mold can leave a musty smell. SERVPRO can remove the odor. Call us today!

During Remediation of Raleigh Commercial Properties, Several Approaches are Necessary to Eliminate Harsh, Musty Odors 

While there are pressing concerns with possible mold growth in your business or office building, one of the most formidable obstacles after microbial threats is a lingering musty odor. Comfortable working and environmental conditions for your staff and customers need achieving as fast as possible after a mold event. 

Identifying Mold Growth and Remediation Needs

Mold remediation in Raleigh commercial properties begins with identifying the extent of the damage. Knowing where mold colonies exist, and the scope of the damage provides data to implement the ideal mold removal tactics as soon as possible. 

Deodorization and Filtration Equipment to Help

Removing odors can often be a process that involves several tools and techniques. While odor removal might be one of the final stages of remediation, several pieces of equipment are necessary, including:

  • HEPA Air Scrubber – Air scrubbing is one of the most direct methods of managing airborne threats like odors and microbes. Membrane filters trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. 
  • Hydroxyl Generator – Using UV, these devices can clean the environment of airborne threats and contaminants. Onboard HEPA filtration can also trap microbial particles to reduce the spread of mold colonies.
  • ULV Foggers – These units can often be ideal for reducing the present odors rather than eliminating them. These portable devices are an extension of placing counteractant beads and granules at high-airflow locations.

Mold can be a formidable presence in offices and commercial buildings in Raleigh, especially in the rainier times of the year. As challenging as these organisms can be to remove, lingering odors can also be a significant obstacle in returning the building to pre-mold conditions. Our SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex team can help with efficient remediation and cleanup when you call (919) 615-1160. 

Where Should Business Owners Seek Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services in Raleigh?

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage needs to be handled quickly and effectively after an event. Call SERVPRO for the tools and technicians to handle the job.

They Should Hire a Restoration Company Like SERVPRO to Carry Out Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is a great threat to commercial property because it can bring business to a halt. It is unrelenting and can ruin possessions and assets of incredible value. If a fire has inflicted your business, you can trust SERVPRO to help you recover.

Commercial fire damage restoration in Raleigh can be a complex process. If a fire has occurred in an office building, the property can sustain fire, smoke, and water damage. When we arrive at a fire-damaged property, we take our time to analyze the extent of the fire loss. We take a multi-step approach which factors in the severity and type of destruction a property has sustained. Our SERVPRO team quickly generates a customized solution to prevent further damage from taking place.

We can remove smoke, soot, smoke odors from salvageable items, repaint the walls, and rebuild structural components to get your office to its preloss state. When performing the cleanup, four essential elements are required to suspend residues to remove them. They include:

  • Temperature – Heat raises the speed of chemical reactions in cleaning products. We choose the right temperature based on the material being cleaned and the cleaning solution.
  • Agitation – Our SERVPRO restorers agitate surfaces using brushes, towels, water pressure, and air and sonic vibrations in an ultrasonic machine.
  • Chemical action – Professional cleaning products work via several chemical reactions with surfaces and residues.
  • Time – The amount of dwell time required for professional cleaning and deodorization products to work varies based on the type of residues and products.

Once the structure is clean, our crew can rebuild the ruined sections of the building to return it to its preloss condition.

When a fire occurs, call SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex at (919) 615-1160 for efficient and fast restoration to make the incident seem, “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage Restoration at your Place of Business in Raleigh

5/21/2021 (Permalink)

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO and we'll be there for you during the entire process.

SERVPRO Can Provide Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Cleanup for your Raleigh Business

Anywhere electricity runs, there is a possibility that a short could ignite a fire. Your company's warehouse could suffer from an electrical short that causes a blaze to ignite. The flames can then use your warehouse's contents and building materials as fuel and cause smoke and fire damage.

During commercial fire damage cleanup in Raleigh, our SERVPRO technicians can help with structural issues caused by the blaze and problems created by smoke. If a fire ignites inside your warehouse, we can conduct the following services to return your structure to its preloss state:

  • Fire Restoration
  • Smoke Remediation
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup
  • Water & Fire Damage Restorations
  • House Fire Clean Up

Before any fire damage restoration work can begin, our crew first secures the working area by eliminating any possible hazards such as electrical issues, trip, and fall hazards. Next, we can address structural problems such as boarding up broken windows or temporarily supporting burnt structural components. Then, we can remove and replace any charred structural elements such as your warehouse's roof trusses as a part of the fire restoration process.

If your warehouse ever happens to have an electrical short that results in a structural blaze, call SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex at (919) 615-1160.

SERVPRO Partners with Businesses in Raleigh to Eliminate Mold

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO will get to the root of your mold problem and work to eliminate and prevent further growth. Call us today for assistance.

Raleigh Business Owners Can Rely on SERVPRO for Mold Inspection, Remediation, and Removal

Raleigh businesses and commercial buildings may have mold without anyone noticing. Once a mold inspection, discoloration in the ceiling, or an odd smell makes mold known, quick action is the most crucial step. Every minute mold is left unattended, the situation worsens. Mold can cause health effects in humans, and it is every business owner's responsibility to remediate the issue.

Raleigh mold remediation services are easily accessed by placing a call to SERVPRO at our 24-hour hotline and letting our certified mold specialists assess the situation and recommend a course of action. Every step we take, we do it with safety in mind and to mitigate your loss. 

The significant steps recommended for mold remediation include-

  • Containment- this step is essential in preventing the spread of mold to uncontaminated areas. We achieve that by installing barriers, typically in the form of plastic sheeting, and by introducing negative air pressure into the contained area.  
  • Mold removal- our cleaning methods will vary based on the surface we are cleaning but will most likely include the removal of porous material where mold can proliferate, as well as HEPA vacuuming and the use of abrasive cleaners.
  • Drying- controlling excess humidity, and applying antimicrobial solutions are typically the last steps in the mold remediation process.

Raleigh business owners can count on SERVPRO of South Cary/Apex for its mold remediation needs. Call us at (919) 615-1160 and leave your business in our capable hands.

Rental Units in Raleigh May Need Help from a Fire Restoration Company

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

A fire in your commercial building will stop business. Call SERVPRO and their IICRC certified technicians for any size fire job.

SERVPRO provides restoration services in both residential and commercial settings in Raleigh

Investors may own one or several rental units in a complex that suddenly faces fire damage. Whether the flames happened in your units or neighboring ones, soot and the smell of smoke may permeate all surfaces. Rather than relying on household cleaning methods, it is best to reach out to a professional restoration company for the most effective cleanup effort.

In Raleigh, fire damage needs are met by our certified crew at SERVPRO. Once you call our 24/7 hotline, you can rely on our team to arrive and assess the situation for safety and appropriate follow-up steps. Fire damage is sometimes compounded by the consequences of sprinklers and extinguishing agents, so water extraction, drying, and disinfecting are all necessary to return the space to its previous condition. In the course of our work, you may see us do the following-

  • Water extraction with pumps and handheld devices
  • Specialty drying solutions methods by using drying mats or Injecti-dry technology
  • Soot removal with EPA-approved cleaning products
  • Application of anti-microbial solutions

It does not matter how big or small the fire is. Its impact needs to be addressed. Call SERVPRO of South Cary/Apex at (919) 615-1160 for the best in the industry, and let us take care of your needs.

Conflict Management Classroom Training in Raleigh, NC

11/22/2020 (Permalink)

We hope to see you at the Conflict Management and Communication Skills Virtual Classroom!

Raleigh Professionals Can Benefit from Valuable Insight on Conflict Management in the Workplace and Beyond with this Virtual Class

When you put many personalities into one workplace, there will inevitably be conflict from time to time. With the Conflict Management and Communication Skills Virtual Classroom, participants have the chance to learn a variety of techniques for managing a dynamic team with both firmness and sensitivity. Each participant will receive a Vistaedutech Course Completion Certificate.

    •    Date: November 27, 2020, from 9 am to 5 pm
    •    Where: Virtually through the Conflict Management Classroom Training program at Vistaedutech
    •    Cost: The training fee is $599 for the online classroom

This is eight hours of an intensive and interactive workshop guided by industry experts. Course instruction includes demonstrations, brainstorming sessions, case studies, and more.

SERVPRO of South Cary/Apex always supports our local communities regarding enrichment activities and ongoing learning opportunities. If your business requires prompt, reliable fire cleanup and restoration, we are the team to call. We offer emergency service every day of the week, including nights, holidays, and weekends. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster - have a crew dispatched to your business when you need us by calling (919) 615-1160.

Raleigh, NC, Business Owners Can Trust SERVPRO for Water Restoration Results

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

Call the crew at SERVPRO when your property is damaged!

Certified Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) Ensure Raleigh Business Gets Back on Track Faster After a Water Emergency

There is a lot that sets Raleigh, NC, apart from many cities within the United States. With a family-friendly atmosphere and growing opportunities for up and coming businesses, it is no wonder why this region thrives. Being touted one of the top places to live within the State of North Carolina, as well as the largest city located in the Southeast, it is easy to see why so many happy residents love to call this area home.

Often referred to as a quaint yet modern town, there is a whole lot more than meets the eye when taking a closer look at Raleigh. Not only is it a large technology hub that is steadily growing, but it is also home to some of the finest nightlife, arts, and cultural destinations within the state.

Raleigh has a population of over 460,000 people and spans across 146 square miles. Founded back in 1792 as the state capital of North Carolina, the city got its name from Sir Walter Raleigh. The namesake is known for attempting to establish the very first English colony in the 1580s along the shores of this new-found world.

You will find over 9,000 acres of amazing parkland throughout this awe-inspiring region with about 1,300 acres of water. Due to the landscape, this area is a hub for a broad range of year-round recreational activities, from hiking trails and jogging areas to watersports and more. Some of the main points of interest in Raleigh, NC include:

    •    A national historic landmark, which is known as the North Carolina State Capitol.
    •    The historical neighborhood that is known as Historic Oakwood, which is listed in the Historic Places National Register and home to many 19th century Victorian homes.
    •    Notable shopping locations, including Cary Towne Center, Beaver Creek Commons, White Oak Crossing, and a large selection of upscale stores and specialty shops.
    •    A diverse selection of dining spots, including everything from brewhouses and Southern cooking eateries to bakeries, wineries, and craft beer hotspots.

In addition to the vast list above, Raleigh is also well-known for being home to three incredible free museums for history, natural sciences, and the arts. These three locations are The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, The North Carolina Museum of Art, and finally, the North Carolina Museum of History. There is also the Marbles Kids Museum for the young or young-at-heart, which is a popular destination for special exhibits, role-playing and hands-on adventures, and a massive 3D iMax theatre.

Understanding Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage in the Raleigh, NC Area
While many people associate water damage with storms and flash flooding, there can be many incidents that commercial property owners face that call for prompt action. You may notice the onset of water damage from areas such as:

    •    Broken appliances
    •    Faulty machinery
    •    Issues with bathroom fixtures
    •    Leaking roofs
    •    Corroded or frozen pipes
    •    Poor drainage
    •    Storm damage
    •    Malfunctioning water heaters
    •    HVAC system problems, and more

With skilled water damage restoration and recovery services, you can stop the moisture in its tracks before it has the chance to turn into secondary damage. Some of the most-used processes when SERVPRO gets called to handle Raleigh commercial water damage include:

    •    Water cleanup and damage repair
    •    Document drying
    •    Structural drying
    •    Furniture drying and restoration

When looking at commercial water restoration, each job is unique and must get treated as such. Skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) work quickly to inhibit mold and mildew growth while addressing the potential for foul odors due to lingering moisture. Whether you had a burst pipe in your retail space or a slow leak behind employee bathroom walls, SERVPRO of South Cary/Apex has proven methods and equipment to get the job done.

Top-Notch Water Restoration for Raleigh Businesses and Commercial Locations of All Kinds
SERVPRO of South Cary/Apex strives to bring local businesses the prompt response and high-quality services that they need when faced with a water-related emergency. Being local-owned and operated, our focus on the betterment of our local community shines through with our dedication to restoration and continually staying up with all of the industry's latest trends.

With a simple telephone call, you can count on:

    •    Highly-trained technicians with certifications through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
    •    We offer our services seven days a week, 24 hours a day – this means you have a crew at your door and ready to work within hours of your call.
    •    Our crew is Faster to Any Size Disaster, which ensures your business is back up and running without costly downtime and hefty damages.

Whether you happen to be in charge of a small eatery with just a few tables or a property manager running a large production facility with over 100 employees, you need to know that you have restoration professionals to restore your interior to preloss condition, fast.

How Does SERVPRO Handle Water Restoration when Called to Commercial Property Incidents?
Whenever a water emergency occurs, the quicker that you call in help from professionals to your Raleigh business, the better. The faster you act, the easier it will be to salvage your building's contents while also limiting damages as we restore your business to preloss condition.

Once you contact our skilled team for commercial water restoration in Raleigh, we will:

    •    Arrive on-site and ready to get to work within hours of your call.
    •    Bring our unique techniques and advanced equipment to the job to facilitate water cleanup and drying.
    •    We take added measures to ensure mold does not overtake your commercial space.
    •    If necessary, we perform controlled demolition to remove any unsalvageable building materials and replace them with all-new materials.

Even a small leak within your commercial property can mean costly damages. We always work to repair rather than replace and move quickly to limit the onset of secondary damage.

SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex is the team to call when you have tough decisions to make regarding water restoration. To have our Green Fleet dispatched to your commercial building to begin the assessment phase, give us a call 24 hours a day at (919) 615-1160.

Why Does My Business Premises Smell Musty?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's Professional Mold Containment Is a Crucial Factor in Remediation and Removal for Raleigh Area Commercial Sites

Musty Odors Are a Symptom of Mold Infestation. SERVPRO is a Commercial Mold Remediation Company for Raleigh Businesses.

Are my staff and clients safe in premises with mold?

Microbial organisms can have health effects on members of your Raleigh staff or clients. However, health issues associated with mold are usually minor. What can be concerning is the type of working environment you are providing. Mold can make a work environment unsanitary. Using a professional remediator to solve microbial growth issues in your business is the best long-term solution. Qualified technicians can act quickly to inhibit mold growth, remove infested materials, and try to prevent microbial problems from returning. SERVPRO works with commercial clients regularly and can arrive on-site in as little as four hours from receiving notification of loss.

What are the initial stages of mold remediation?

  • Providing a safe working space for technicians and reduce the chances of disturbing molds, including isolation barriers
  • Document and record the conditions within your workplace as well as the extent of the infestation
  • Contain the source of the issue to prevent further infestation

Are long-term mold issues harder to restore?

When a problem grows to a specific size and requires commercial mold remediation in your Raleigh business, we may have to replace the affected materials altogether. Physically removing mold-infested materials can cause spores to become airborne. To ensure that your business remains free from further infestation, our technicians can apply negative air-pressure when physically removing damaged materials. These air scrubber machines help to capture any spores that may become airborne when physically removing materials like drywall. Outfitted with HEPA and charcoal filters, indoor air quality can be significantly improved.

What are the late stages of mold remediation

  • Removing contamination from your business, including more extensive materials
  • Protecting surfaces using anti-microbial chemicals
  • Correcting the initial issue that causes mold growth (usually a moisture problem)

If a microbial growth issue affects staff and customers in your business premises, contact SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex at (919) 615-1160.

My Raleigh Restaurant Ceiling Is Peeling And Discolored – Could I Have A Leak?

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Contact SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex at (919) 615-1160 for expert water damage service.

SERVPRO Can Assess The Damage to Your Raleigh Business and Provide the Needed Mitigation

Minor damage to a Raleigh business can become big trouble quickly if left untreated. If you think your ceiling is showing signs of water intrusion, call the experts at SERVPRO immediately.

Can I Simply Repaint My Ceiling?

If there is water damage in your restaurant in Raleigh, repainting the ceiling may hide the discoloration for a time, but it will return. Shutting down your business for a major water restoration problem is the last thing you want to do. Our trained technicians can come during off-hours and assess the situation. They will:

    •    Look for the source of the leak.
    •    Check the HVAC system for any water damage.
    •    Use moisture sensors to find hidden water.
    •    Clean and repair any damage the leak may have caused.
    •    Clean and repaint the ceiling.
    •    Deodorize and sanitize if needed.

Taking Care of Local Businesses

Your restaurant is a vital part of the local economy, and we want to help you stay in business. We work with your insurance company and keep you abreast of everything we do. As a commercial restoration company, we handle any water remediation needs. You may be a small mom and pop diner or a large high-scale restaurant – it doesn’t matter. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Available Around the Clock

SERVPRO understands your need to work around your operating hours, if possible. Our Green Team is available 24/7. And yes, we work weekends too. Keep your restaurant open for business by letting our professionals nip the small problems in the bud before they become big headaches.

Contact SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex at (919) 615-1160 for expert water damage service.

Water Emergency: Is My Business Responsible for Premises Upkeep?

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Should yoru business need water damage restoration, call SERVPRO!

SERVPRO Commercial Water Damage Restoration Professionals are Available to Help your Raleigh Business Find its Feet After a Water Emergency

What are the effects of a water leak?

Water intrusion in your Raleigh business can have both short-term and long-term consequences. In the short term, the sanitary condition of the building may degrade or become unsafe. These issues may force a temporary closure of your business until you can return it to hygienic premises. In the long-term, untreated water damage can lead to expensive mold issues and rot or affect the assumptions' structural framework. Structural damage can occur by water absorption, increasing pressure on frame joints, which can affect the building's overall integrity. SERVPRO can mitigate the immediate and lasting effects of water intrusion in your business.

What are commercial restoration services?

If your business is affected by flooding, leaks, or water intrusion in Raleigh, you may need to enlist commercial water damage restoration in Raleigh. Commercial restorers can help ensure that your business property remains professionally safe and sanitary after a water emergency. SERVPRO has both human resources and equipment that allows us to work on any -size disaster from small, independent service businesses to large office blocks or tenements. You can communicate with our crew chiefs directly throughout the service to stay in the loop throughout the facility. Once we finish, we can pass our paperwork onto your insurer to complete a stress-free claim.

When should a business enlist commercial restoration?

  • If you suspect or witness a water leak occurring in your business premises
  • If there are noticeable musty odors in some areas of your business
  • If areas of your office are wet or damp following a period of heavy rainfall

Businesses need restoration services with the necessary resources to work in large spaces, on-time, and on-budget. If you think there is a water issue in your property, contact SERVPRO of Cary / Morrisville / Apex at (919) 615-1160.

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How Do I Choose the Best Extraction Tool for My Cary Bakery?

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SERVPRO can help keep your bakery open by remediating unexpected water damage quickly.

SERVPRO Has the Tools to Remove Water Damage from Cary Businesses 

Standing water is an undeniable threat to yourCarybakery and can damage many pieces of equipment, structural elements, even the dry ingredients that you keep in the shop. Many property owners still initially attempt to dry and restore the damage on their own despite how quickly water can move from the damaged area throughout the building. Our SERVPRO team has a prompt response to water loss emergencies that threaten your business. 

Water damage in your Cary bakery can happen with little warning from a damaged portion of pipes to a broken appliance in your kitchen area. With pooling becoming such a considerable threat with continual water flow, there are some initial steps that you can take to make later restoration more efficient and cost-effective. Shutting the main supply of water to the building can stop the steady stream of damaging water rising on the floor. When our technicians arrive, they can set their sights on extraction, which often involves sophisticated water removal tools such as: 

  • Wet Vacuums 
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Squeegee Wands  

What Are the Best Methods for Drying Out Wood and Tile Flooring? 

Because water can pool along with flooring materials, these areas of your bakery can often become some of the worst affected by the migrating water loss effects. Engineered wood flooring is a common material installed in the shop where customers come in and out. When these materials become saturated, we can utilize drying tools like our floor mat system to provide a controlled draw of moisture from the planks to restore this flooring to its original condition. Tile, frequently used in the kitchen area, is often less affected by pooling water. Grouted joints can be penetration points. If our technicians use water removal tools like wet vacuums with squeegee wands, we can often prevent water penetration to the mortar bed under tile work. 

Water damage can threaten your business. Our SERVPRO of South Cary / Apex team can help when you call (919) 615-1160.  

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3 Fire Preparation Tips Your Business Should Take

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Your employees should know how to properly use a fire extinguisher

Things To Consider When Planning Out Safety Protocols For Your Company

When you have a company in Wilbon, NC, preventing a business fire can be an important safety step to protect both your staff and the property. There are a few things to consider when planning out safety protocols for your company. Here are a few you may want to consider.

1. Have a Safety Plan

It’s important to have a safety plan in place in case an emergency like a fire should occur. This type of fire preparation will help you ensure that your business has all the proper safety equipment needed to protect your staff, that safety training materials are available and that every employee knows what's expected of them during an emergency. You may also want to include the location of emergency exits, a meetup location outside the building and the number of a restoration service you can contact for help with repairs after the fire is put out.

2. Know the Emergency Tools

It’s important that every employee knows the location of safety tools and how to use them in order to help protect them from a business fire. This includes how the alarm system works, if there are any hand pulls and where emergency escape exits are located. They should also know the location of any fire extinguishers and how to properly use them.

3. Follow Safety Procedures

Another way to help prevent fire damage is to always follow the recommended safety practices for any tools or equipment your business may use. This may be as simple as properly maintaining the breakroom microwave to knowing the emergency shutdown procedure for onsite manufacturing equipment. Having your staff trained in these safety procedures can help them spot problems in time to make repairs or replace damaged equipment before a fire occurs.

When it comes to preventing a business fire, consider having an emergency plan made ahead of time. Know where emergency tools like alarm pulls and extinguishers are stored, and follow all safety procedures with any equipment you may use. Remember, if a fire does occur, a restoration service can help with cleanup and repairs.

Why Your Business Needs Flood Insurance

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Floods can be devastating, but the right insurance can get you back to business

Why Your Business Needs Flood Insurance

Being prepared for disasters is part of being a responsible business owner. If you have a business in Holly Springs, NC, then you need to know about flood insurance. Emergencies don't keep schedules, so you need to have a disaster preparedness plan in place at all times. Here are some ways that flood coverage can help keep you and your business afloat during an emergency.

  • Covers destruction to your building and building's contents.
  • Covers mold or mildew damage caused by a flood.
  • Covers losses resulting from broken water retainers, overflowing bodies of water, blocked storm drainage systems, and storm surges.

Flood Insurance
You may assume that your standard insurance includes coverage for floods, but this is not the case. Floods are defined as situations in which water covers at least two acres or affects two properties. Protection from flood damage requires a special and separate policy, which can be purchased from the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as well as from some private insurers. The policy will cover damage to your commercial building and the contents of your building - generally, up to $500,000 of coverage for your building and up to $500,000 for the contents. If you need additional coverage, you can buy excess insurance coverage that includes business interruption protection.

Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial insurance covers some water damage scenarios, but not floods. Your commercial policy will protect you if the water comes from above, usually. These are instances such as heavy rain or snowmelt that clogs gutters and then drips into your building. If you have a Commercial Package Policy (CPP) or a Business Owners Policy (BOP), then you do not have flood protection, so you should contact an insurance professional who is knowledgeable about these types of policies.
If your business suffers water damage, contact experts in emergency restoration as soon as possible. Floods can be devastating, but the right insurance and a good team of professionals can have you back in business as soon as possible.

6 Places Mold Lurks

1/23/2020 (Permalink)

Mold can form under carpets

Six Places Where Mold Hides

While water damage may be a top concern for mold growth, this pesky fungus can grow anywhere in your Wilbon, NC, commercial building if the conditions are right. To flourish, it only needs nutrients, moisture, and the right temperature, especially high humidity.
If you think hidden mold may be an issue, below are six main places check.

1. HVAC Systems

Condensation pans can easily become clogged and overflow if not properly maintained. This is especially true for areas with hard water. Clean and inspect units once a year, as well as regularly check around bases to ensure condensation isn’t building up.

2. Ducts

As warm and cool air flows through the ducts, moisture and debris can begin to collect. If there is a leak, moisture can circulate into areas that it shouldn’t. Keeping ducts clean and flowing properly can keep mold growth at bay.

3. Carpeting

Carpet may be durable, but spills and tracking in moisture can eventually begin to be absorbed into the pad. If there isn’t poor circulation, the moisture can spread and create a prime environment for mold to form.

4. Ceilings

It can be easy to forget that ceilings hide a lot. From ducts to water pipers, a lot is happening in your building without being seen. Since they are often porous, any roof or pipe leaks or can quickly absorb and spread. Any signs of a stain indicate there is a problem that needs immediate attention.

5. Walls

Like ceilings, walls can hide mold within and go undetected for a long time. If your building is older, it may not have proper vapor barriers to keep moisture levels in check.

6. Electrical Equipment

While somewhat surprising, electrical components are a main concern for mold damages. Fixtures, outlets, and equipment create a warm environment. If any moisture is introduced, spores can quickly attach themselves and start to grow.
Mold growth doesn’t have to be a persistent, mysterious problem. Knowing hidden areas to check and getting help from a mold remediation expert can eradicate the problem.

What to Expect During Water Damage Mitigation

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Leaking water heater causes water damage in Cary, NC

Water Mitigation Process

If your commercial building in Cary, NC, has suffered water damage from a burst pipe or a supply line leaking, it is important to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Doing so will allow you to continue doing business as usual. However, before repairs can begin, mitigation will need to be done. This will include cleanup and other preparations. The following steps will be performed during the process.

1. Inspection

Before anything else can be done, the building will need to be inspected. The restoration company will locate the source of the damage and stop the flow of water in this area. They will also determine the extent of the damage that has been done. During this step, the type of water will also be identified. Doing so will help them figure out how to move forward with the pipe burst cleanup.

2. Removal of Water

After the building has been inspected, all excess water will need to be removed. Letting it sit will increase the amount of damage that occurs and can result in warped or rotted wood as well as the growth of mold. The restoration company will have professional equipment that can quickly remove large amounts of water. In some cases, carpeting or other materials may need to be removed as well.

3. Drying

The final step before water cleanup is drying. Like water removal, this step is necessary to reduce the amount of secondary damage. Equipment such as dehumidifiers and industrial air movers are used to shorten the time it takes for items to reach an acceptable moisture level.

4. Cleanup

After drying, pipe burst cleanup can begin. This includes cleaning and sanitization of both the structure of the building as well as any affected belongings. Odor removal may also be done to reduce any unpleasant smells caused by water damage.
Once these steps have been completed, then the company will start on restoration. While mitigation and pipe burst cleanup may seem like a lengthy process, the water damage remediation company will finish as quickly as possible to reduce further damage, saving both time and money during repairs.

Get a Solid Estimate for Fire Restoration Work

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Fire restoration in Wilbon, NC

If your company has experienced a business fire in Wilbon, NC, there will be a lot for you to think about and all at once. The greatest concern, no doubt, will be the safety of everyone involved, but once that has been established your thoughts might turn to costs. You will want to get an estimate of how much the cleanup process will cost you. It's important to understand that not all estimates are equal. Some companies may offer a quick, non-binding price that sounds too good to be true. However, when the time comes to pay the bill it will be much higher than stated. Look for a guaranteed price from a reputable company, preferably one that handles all aspects of a fire restoration.

The Steps for a Thorough Restoration

When fire damage happens, your building has gone through a big event. It's not just the fire you have to worry about, but also soot and smoke damage and likely water damage from the fire crews or sprinkler system. The fire restoration team will go through the following steps as needed:

  • Boarding up the building to make sure it is safe
  • Replacing the roof if needed
  • Removing debris from the site
  • Addressing smoke and fire odors
  • Cleaning of upholstery and fabrics
  • Filing a damage claim with the insurance company

A commercial fire is a major event and there are a lot of moving parts to the cleanup process. A solid estimate is just the beginning of your relationship with the restoration professionals. Make sure it gets off on a good foot with a price that is fair, thorough and honest.

A business fire in Wilbon, NC, can be managed effectively by working with professionals. They have the training and equipment to handle big projects safely and quickly. It all starts with an estimate of the costs and the time needed to complete the job.

4 Reasons Why Your Commercial Building May Suffer From Water Damage

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Roof damaged by weather

Common Causes of Water Damage you May Encounter

There are many reasons why your commercial building in Fuquay- Varina, NC, may become flooded, such a a bad storm or broken pipe. It is a good idea to know what can cause this type of problem, but you also may want to have a plan in place for if the worst does happen. Here are a some common causes of water damage that you may encounter.

1. Roof Damage

Many times a small leak doesn't seem like a big deal, but left untreated, it can lead to some serious flooding. Your roof can become damaged from the weather, or it can wear down with age. Having it repaired right away may help you to avoid needing a new roof, which can be extremely costly.

2. Busted Pipes

Although a broken pipe can occur at anytime, they are more likely to burst when the temperature drops. In order to prevent the need for water repair, you should try to keep the pipes running continuously when the weather is cold.

3. Plumbing Issues

Overflowing toilets is one of the most common causes of damage in commercial buildings. Patrons often try to flush items that they shouldn't, which can lead to a clog. You can take precautions to help prevent this from happening by installing waste baskets next to the toilets and putting up signs asking people to properly dispose of feminine products and other trash.

4. Broken Appliances

Many commercial buildings are home to appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters. Just like in a home, these can malfunction and lead to water damage. Performing regular maintenance on these can help you avoid major issues.

Always take care of water damage right away. If you are unsure of how to handle the problem yourself, consider calling a professional water restoration company in Fuquay- Varina, NC. They may be able to help you locate the source, repair a broken pipe and cleanup the contaminated area.

If You Rent, Who Is Liable for Fire Damage?

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Fire Damage in local appartments in Cary, NC.

When tenants occupy a rental property in Cary, NC, and that property is subsequently damaged by an apartment fire, it can be confusing to work out who’s liable for any damages and items lost in the fire. The tenants don’t own the building but they do still pay to occupy it, so if there’s a fire, who’s responsible for covering the damage?

Understanding Building Liability vs. Content Liability

The difference is determined by who actually owns the property that’s been damaged in an apartment fire. The proprietor owns the building and thus is liable for any structural damage to the building – that means damage to the walls, roofing, fixtures, pipes, and so forth. The tenant owns the contents of their apartment and is liable for those items. Items that tenants may be liable for include:

  • Electronics such as televisions, stereos, and DVD players
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Personally owned kitchen appliances
  • Art and other decorations
  • Books
  • Pet care items
  • Vehicles or bicycles damaged during the fire
  • Personal belongings with or without sentimental value

There may be some confusion regarding appliances, as some appliances will be owned by the tenant and some by the property owner. For example, a refrigerator or stove that was installed before a tenant moved in belongs to the property owner, and thus the owner is liable for any fire damage. However, a coffee maker or toaster likely belongs to the tenant, and the tenant is liable. Determination is made purely on who covered the cost of purchase/ownership.

So What Happens After the Fire?

After the fire, damages are usually assessed by both damage remediation companies and insurance companies. Building owners should have adequate insurance to cover any damage to their properties in the event of an apartment fire. Many tenants do not invest in renter’s insurance, but renter’s insurance usually covers the cost of replacing any destroyed or fire-damaged items that tenants are liable for. 

3 Myths About Mold Cleanup

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Our team was called in to take care of the mold and moisture removal. If you have mold, call SERVPRO!

3 Myths About Mold Cleanup Methods That May Not Only Fail But Also Make The Problem Worse

When you find mold growing on a surface in your commercial building in Raleigh, NC, your first instinct is probably to find a sturdy rag and a strong chemical to get rid of it. Unfortunately, there is often more to fungus cleanup than you may realize, especially if it covers a large area. Here are three myths about mold cleanup methods that may not only fail but also make the problem worse.

1. Bleach Kills Mold

If you use a chlorine-based solution to scrub mold off a surface, you may see a change that seems to indicate the fungus has gone away. What you don’t see, however, is what is going on beneath the surface. While the growth on top has been scattered, the water in the bleach seeps down into the item’s pores where the hyphae grow. Since water encourages mold growth, this exacerbates the issue. You are likely to see more growth on the surface within a couple of days.

2. Covering Mold Suffocates It

Many people believe that if they just caulk over the mold between restroom tiles, the problem is resolved. This method does not work. Fungus cleanup involves more than simply hiding the visible evidence. Mold can thrive even if it is covered up by paint or caulk, and it will eventually grow through the cover-up, revealing patches once again.

3. Scraping Gets Rid of Fungus

Some business owners will try to get rid of mold by scraping it off the surface where it grows. This can be problematic. You may remove the growth on the surface, but the action can release thousands of mold spores into the air, which can then spread throughout your building through your HVAC system. To prevent the spreading of spores, you want to hire certified mitigation experts to clean up mold in your building.

If you need fungus cleanup, it’s best to call in the professionals. They are trained to use techniques that stop the problem and keep it from returning.

The 6 Roles To Assign for Your Office Fire Escape Plan

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Every commercial business in Raleigh, NC should have a first aid kit grabber

Emergency Escape Plan For a Commercial Business

Unless you are a firefighter, odds are that you rarely think about what to do in the event of a fire at work. Alas, creating and practicing a fire escape plan is a terrific way to ensure a sense of security and unity among staff members. There are several roles to consider when creating an emergency escape plan for a commercial business:

1. Door Shutters
Shutters should be responsible for closing interior doors on their way out of a burning building. This helps to slow the spread of flames and indicates to others when rooms are empty.

2. Space Checkers
A select few may visually sweep hallways or less-crowded work spaces along their escape route to ensure that all coworkers are moving. This assignment would include checking break rooms or bathrooms for stragglers.

3. Progress Reporters
Administrators may be responsible for communicating progress across the building as a fire escape plan is unfolding. Walkie-talkies can help ensure that route adjustments, injuries or obstacles are reported in an effective way.

4. First-Aid-Kit Grabbers
Select employees may be in charge of retrieving first aid kits during their escape. Once outside, they can offer help to injured parties while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

5. Attendance Takers
Managers should take roll call outside, noting any people still missing or badly hurt. Walkie-talkies can help locate missing people if they managed to escape at another exit point.

6. 9-1-1 Caller
Most importantly, a point person should be in charge of dialing 9-1-1 as soon as possible. This ensures that the task isn’t overlooked or presumed finished during the excitement.

After everyone is safe from the blaze, there will be time to consider what happens next. Some emergencies require trauma therapists in the weeks that follow. Others require that a fire damage assessment be performed for insurance purposes. As the aftermath evolves, you will be thankful for the immediate precautions handled in your emergency plan.

Safety is one of the most important gifts a person can receive at work. When fire escape plan roles are assigned, communicated and practiced, employees across Raleigh, NC, can feel more confident in the workplace.

When Your Toilet Floods, Act Quickly

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Contact a commercial building restoration service in Apex,NC to safely clean up contaminated water

Use the Following Steps as A Guide

There is nothing worse than when you need to use the bathroom only to step through the door and see that there is water pooling on the floor. Sewer damage can strike at any time, causing substantial amounts of both superficial and structural damage. The key to dealing with a flooded toilet is acting quickly and knowing the right steps to take to deal with the situation effectively. If your building in Apex, NC, is flooded, use the following steps as a guide.

1. Turn Off the Water

The first and most important step will be to stop the flow of water. This can be achieved in two ways. The first is to lift and secure the float inside the toilet to stop the tank from refilling and causing further flooding. The second step is to shut off the water valve, stopping the water at the source.

2. Stay Safe

Sewer damage can be classed as an emergency and should be dealt with by a sewage company, as the overflowing water can contain harmful bacteria. Take measures to avoid contact with any contaminated water; this can include wearing rubber gloves and boots. You also want to be wary of any structural damage that may have occurred. If the water has flooded through multiple floors, the structure may be unsafe. When mixed, water and electricity create another hazard, and this must be taken into account before entering the flooded area.

3. Call a Professional

When there is structural damage and potential bacteria from flooding, it is best to bring in the professionals. Commercial building restoration services can provide all the equipment and skill necessary to safely clean up contaminated water and remove and repair damaged walls and floors. Industrial fans may be used to make sure that all areas are thoroughly dried before being disinfected and ready for repairs take place.

Flooding can be a major inconvenience, but by following these steps, the hindrances caused by sewer damage can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Having the knowledge to act quickly can minimize the damages caused by a flood.

What to do When Sewer Backup Threatens Your Business Property

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding from sewer backup can cause problems in your Raleigh,NC business

If your business is located in Raleigh, NC, it may be at risk for flooding and sewer backup during the next storm. Knowing what preventive measures to take, and what to do if your business does flood, can help you in the event flooding does occur.

Reasons Backup Occurs

There are a number of factors that can play into sewer backup. These may include:

  • Excessive storm and rain water which can cause overflow
  • Recent construction that changes the landscape and redirects water into the sewer
  • Fresh pavement with a new drainage grade can change the runoff flow
  • Failure to regularly clean a septic system can cause backup

If you think there’s a chance your business might face sewer backup with the next storm, it’s best to take preventative measures.

Take Preventive Measures

Flood water is classified as black water because some of it can come from contaminated sources such as a sewer. This means clean up can require extra sanitation steps. Taking preventive measures beforehand may help mitigate the damage. Ensure than trap plugs are clean, snug and secure as these can filter debris that may back up in your pips. Some buildings may also qualify for a backwater check valve.

Conduct Cleanup as Quickly as Possible

In the event you do find flooding it’s best to take care of the cleanup process as quickly as possible. Remember to turn off the electricity to the flooded area before entering. Remove items from the flooded area and be sure to clean and dry them. Because flood water is classified as black water, everything should be sanitized as well. You will also need to clean, dry and sanitize the flooded area after the water has been removed. A professional service may also be able to help.

Flooding from sewer backup can cause a number of problems for your business. This is why it’s important to take preventive measures beforehand. If excessive rain water does lead to sewer flooding at your business, knowing what to do beforehand can help save valuable time.

How To Avoid Mold Buildup

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Mold is not an issue you can afford to let get out of hand.

An unmistakable musty smell normally associated with basements and attics permeates a building. A stain on the floor lingers even after carpet cleaning. Both are unpleasant and provide a poor impression, especially if it is in a high-traffic area where customers enter. These smells and stains are often signs of mold problems. To avoid mold and its negative effects on a building in Cary, NC, including unpleasant odors and structural damage, consider the following.

How To Recognize the Presence of Mold

Remember that mold is natural, and it occurs everywhere; however, the over-abundance of mold in buildings can have both unpleasant and damaging effects, so it needs to be controlled. Look for these signs:

• A lingering musty, damp smell inside the building
• Stains on the ceiling and floor that are difficult to remove
• Overly saturated indoor air
• Positive results with a testing kits for mold presence

Why Water Leads to It

The presence of water in any form encourages mold growth. Some common situations involving water that increase mold presence in buildings include insufficient or delayed maintenance, poorly vented or unvented appliances, improper carpet cleaning, flooding, storm damage, water getting into or under the building because of landscaping or faulty gutters, overly saturated air in basement area, and roof leaks.

What To Do About It

If you discover it in your building, mold remediation and containment can be critical. Indoor mold growth can be controlled by controlling moisture. This often begins with shutting off and cleaning the HVAC system to prevent further spread of mold spores inside the building.

How To Help Prevent It

Preventing mold growth can begin with simple steps, including minimizing moisture, maximizing air flow, and regularly cleaning the facility. This includes commercial-level carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning. This is often much more effective when done by professional commercial cleaning and mold control providers.

Mold is not an issue you can afford to let get out of hand. To help contain and prevent mold problems in your commercial building, act quickly to minimize damage and ensure effective cleanup. For more information, visit 

Common Steps of Sewage Cleanup

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

The sewer cleanup process can be a large ordeal.

When you own a commercial building in Cary, NC,  you have to be ready to handle all sorts of disasters. Whether your renters are late on their payments or you have to repair major storm damage, the brunt of the work is in your hands. If your toilets back up, you may have to initiate a sewer cleanup. Even if you're trusting a commercial water restoration professional, it can be helpful to know the common steps of this cleanup process.

1. Get an inspection. Responding quickly to a sewer backup is a necessity. You should have a plumber and a cleanup specialist come in to inspect the backup to better understand the extent of the damage and the types of contamination you're dealing with.
2. Call your insurance company. Depending on the coverage you have, your insurance may pay for the cleanup. You need to call your provider to figure out if they'll help or if you'll be responsible for all of the fees.
3. Remove content. Whether the furnishings and flooring can be salvaged or not, you need to remove them from the space. This allows you to dry out the items and clean them. It also gives you more space to clean the commercial area.
4. Use confinement techniques. Closing doors, using plastic to seal off entryways, turning off the HVAC and using negative air can help keep the sewage contaminants in a single part of your commercial building. If you skip this part of the sewer cleanup process, you may have to clean a larger portion of your building.
5. Replace damaged building materials. When you have a flooded toilet, some of your building materials may have gotten destroyed. If you had to remove drywall, insulation or other materials, you need to replace and repair them.

The sewer cleanup process can be a large ordeal. You have to make sure your commercial space has been properly cleaned and the contaminants removed, so you can return to business as normal. For more information, visit

Category 1 Water Damage Defined

4/22/2018 (Permalink)

If you’ve had flooding at your place of business in Cary, NC, one of the first things the insurance company will likely want to know is the category of water damage. The IICRC, or Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification, defines water damage based on the degree of contamination it causes. The degree of contamination is classified into three categories, determined by the source of the water. Category 1, also called “white” water, is water damage that originates from a clean water source, which presents minimal risk of exposure to contaminants through skin contact, inhalation, or ingestion. Water damage can come from several different clean water sources.

1. Broken Pipes

A supply line can burst when temperatures fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, causing flooding once the temperature rises and the water thaws. This can result in significant damage to carpets, wood flooring, and walls. Corrosion and severe water pressure changes can also cause a broken pipe.

2. Broken Appliances

Certain appliances that use water have a water supply line, such as dishwashers, ice makers, or washers. If one of these appliances malfunction, water damage can occur to the surrounding areas.

3. Overflow

Water left running from a sink or shower—or even a broken toilet tank—can overflow. This can cause water damage.

4. Rain or Snow Damage

Excessive rain or melting snow and ice can result in significant water damage from water seeping through the roof and leaking into walls, ceilings, or insulation. The sheer weight of snow and ice left on top of a roof can be heavy enough to cause structural damage, which can lead to extensive water damage.

Once it is determined that the water damage is from a clean water source (category 1), your insurance company will typically want to use a professional cleanup and restoration service to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. For more information, visit

3 Strategies for Saving Your Electronics After Fire Damage

2/13/2018 (Permalink)

Dealing with the resulting damage after an electrical fire in Raleigh, NC doesn’t have to end in a pile of unusable devices. In some instances where restoration services are quickly called upon and your electronic property hasn’t been completely destroyed by the flames, giving new life to your devices is possible. When you’re in need of computer cleanup or the salvaging of other electronic items such as televisions, DVD players and more, there are three strategies to both prevent further damage and help save your electronics after the disaster has ended.

1. Don’t turn electronics on after a fire has occurred. Though you may be tempted to see just how many of your belongings can be saved right away, it’s highly dangerous to both you and the items to attempt to turn them on. Leaving them off is crucial to ensure that any water present doesn’t lead your electronics to short out (or potentially electrocute you), and that any layers of soot or residue won’t further harm their interiors. Having restoration professionals work to dry them out first is the best solution to proper recovery.

2. Even if they’re not turned on, unplug all electronics and appliances. Despite whether your items were inactive during the blaze, a small current of electricity still runs through them if they’re plugged into a wall socket. Unplug your electronics to protect yourself and your home from greater damage, including any water leaks that could ruin the devices or damage to the utilities that could potentially start another electrical fire.

3. Utilize your warranties. If you believe irreversible damage has been inflicted on your electronic devices, look to their warranties for added assistance. Experienced technicians with knowledge of the specific brand-name products could have suggestions for last-resort recovery ideas — or they could simply offer you replacements if the time limit hasn’t passed.

When you’re in need of computer cleanup or other electronic maintenance after an electrical fire, following these simple strategies could potentially save your belongings from outright replacement.

4 Tips To Prevent Water Damage During the Holidays

1/10/2018 (Permalink)

As the owner of commercial property in Raleigh, NC chances are you are going to shut down your operations during the holidays or be away from your building to go on vacation. If you don’t want to come back to a flooded property and have to deal with water pipe repair, there are certain things you need to do that can help prevent a broken pipe. Bear in mind these four tips for preventing water damage during the holidays.

1. Shut Off the Main Water Valve

This is the most important thing to do as it prevents water from coming into your building. Doing this can prevent extensive damage, floods and major pipe leaks. When shutting off the valve completely, open up all tabs to release water pressure. Be sure to also check for any standing water and leaks before abandoning your property.

2. Set the Temperature

It might be tempting to turn off the air conditioning and heating completely, but it’s not recommended. A consistent temperature is necessary to prevent frozen pipes. Furthermore, this also helps with humidity and condensation. You don’t want to risk mold growth. A minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit should be maintained.

3. Insulate Pipes

You will also want to insulate pipes with sleeves and wrapping in vulnerable areas such as attics and unheated basements. Doing so can prevent a broken pipe, water pipe repair and lots of headaches.

4. Install a Leak-Detection System

Install a monitored leak detector for the main water line and in specific areas of the building. That way you at least know when something’s not right.

These four steps can go a long way in preventing water damage to your property during the holidays and saving you the hassle of water pipe repair. Should things go wrong though, a restoration company can remove excess water and start the cleanup process of your flooded building.
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New Ownership

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Bill Shook, New Owner and Operator for SERVPRO of Cary, Morrisville, and Apex

SERVPRO of Cary, Morrisville, Apex is excited to announce that we have a new owner and operator. Bill Shook recently took over all operations this month and has a vast knowledge and experience in the restoration industry. He served many years working for SERVPRO Industries and excited to own and operate a franchise. 

Bill  says, "We are excited to serve the Cary, Morrisville, and Apex area. What excites me most is all the new jobs and opportunities we will be creating for locals." 

You can visit for more information on the services that SERVPRO offers. Bill brings a strong culture of outstanding customer service and will make sure every client receives the best service available. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at anytime.